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Can I change a person's email address in the Directory?


Yes. If you are a user with 'Admin' level permission to the Company or Project level Directory tool, you can change a user's email address in either the Company or Project Directory for your company's account. However, you cannot change an email address if the person has a user profile in your company's Procore account and one or more other company accounts.

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If your company's email domain is managed under an SSO, see How do I change the login email address for a person?


  • Scenario 1: When the person only has access to one (1) Procore company account
    In this scenario, let's say you are an administrator for a general contracting company and the person whose email address you want to change is an employee of your company. Since that person uses their login credentials only to sign into your company's Procore account, you are permitted to change their email address in either the Company or Project level Directory for your company account. 
  • Scenario 2: When the person has has access to multiple Procore company accounts
    In this scenario, let's say the person is a vendor (i.e., a contractor or a subcontractor) who performs work for two (2) separate business entities and both of those entities have separate Procore company accounts. If they have logged into Procore and accessed either company account, you will not be permitted to change that user's email address. This is because the user's email address is associated with two company accounts and you do not have the authority to change a user's information for a separate business entity's Procore account. To learn more, see the questions and answers below.

How do I know if a person has access to multiple Procore company accounts?

When you attempt to change the email address for a person who has been invited to access to multiple Procore company accounts and that user has logged in to Procore, the field cannot be edited and the icon-help.png icon appears next to the user's email address in the Company and Project Directory tools. When you hover the mouse cursor over the icon, the system will display the following error message:


How do I change the email address for a person who has access to multiple Procore company accounts?

You have two options:

  1. You can ask the user log into Procore and change their email address in the 'My Settings' area of the Procore web application. This will change the email address where they receive notifications from Procore. It does NOT change the email that they use to log in to Procore. See Change Your Login ID Email Address for Your Procore User Account.
  2. If you are a user with 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Directory tool, you can create a new profile for the user with a unique email address.
    • First, deactivate the existing user profile from the Company level Directory tool. This removes the user's access from your company's Procore account and any projects that the user had access to. See Deactivate a User on the Procore Account
    • Next, create a new user profile in the Company level Directory tool. See Add a User Account to the Company Directory. When adding the new profile, make sure to:
      • Enter the desired email address for this person to use. This must be a different email address than the one on the deactivated user profile.
      • Under 'Project Settings', add the desired projects to the user's profile. This provides the user with access to those projects. See Add an Existing User to Projects in Your Company's Procore Account.
      • Inform the person that when performing work in your company's Procore account, they will always need to log into Procore using the unique email address that you specified in their new user profile.
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How do I change the login email address for a person?

If your company's email domain is managed by SSO and you are designated as Company level Directory Admin, you can change a user's login email address only if the user belongs to the same SSO domain as you and if they don't have a user account in another company's Procore account. This change can only be done in the Company level Directory tool. See Edit a User Account in the Company Directory.

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