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Edit a User Account in the Company Directory


To edit a user in the Company Directory. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permissions on the Company level Directory tool with the 'Create and Edit Users' granular permission enabled on your permissions template.
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Directory tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • When you update a user profile in the Company level Directory tool, the updates are reflected in the user profile in all of your company's projects that the user has been added to.
    • Any edits you make will be reflected in the user's Change History tab.
    • User accounts cannot be deleted from the Company Directory. You can, however, inactivate the user's account. See Inactivate a Batch of User Accounts in the Company Directory.


  1. Navigate to the Company level Directory tool.
  2. Locate the user record to modify. Then click Edit.
  3. Follow the steps below for each task you want to complete.
  4. Save the User Record

Update the User's 'Personal Information'

  1. Update the information in the following fields as needed:
    • First Name. Change first name of the user. 
    • Last Name. Change the surname of the user. 
    • Initials. Change the user's initials.
    • Admin Only. Email Address. Change the user's email address. This is the email address that emails from Procore are sent to.
    • Admin Only. Login. Change the user's login email address. This is the email address that they use to log in to Procore.
      • If your company's email domain is managed by SSO in Procore and you have 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Directory tool, you can change the login email address for other users who belong to the same SSO domain and for other users who only have user accounts in your company's Procore account. See Can I change a person's email address in the Directory?
      • If your company's email domain is not managed by SSO in Procore, users can change their own login email address in the 'My Profile Settings' on their account as long as the new email address is not associated with another user in Procore. See Change Your Login ID Email Address for Your Procore User Account.
  2. Optional: If the user is employed by or affiliated with a company already in your directory, you can update the following fields under 'Personal Information' with the information from the company by choosing the company in the Company Name selector and clicking Copy to Personal Information:
    • Address
    • City
    • Country/State
    • ZIP
    • Business Phone
    • Business Fax
  3. If the user is not affiliated with a company already in your directory, update the following fields as needed:
    • Address. If the user's office is in a location that is different from the company address, update the user's address here. 
    • City. Type the name of the city associated with the user's address. 
    • Country/State. Select the desired country and state from the drop-down list. 
    • ZIP. Enter the ZIP code in the text box. 
    • Business Phone. Update the user's business phone number. 
    • Business Fax. Update the user's fax number. 
  4. Update the following fields as needed:
    • Cell Phone. Update the user's mobile telephone number. 
    • Job Title. Update the user's job title. 
    • Tags/Keywords. Enter any tags and keywords as needed. 
    • Active? A checkmark in this box indicates that the user is active.
    • Classification. Select a classification for the user.
      Note: This list comes from the Company level classifications. See Add a Classification.
    • Send This User Messages. Select Via Email or Not at All from the drop-down menu. If you will be designating this user as an invoice contact, select Via Email to ensure that any invoice-related messages are sent. For details, see What is an invoice contact?
    • Is Employee Of [Company Name]?. Place a checkmark if the user is an employee of your company. Leave the checkmark blank if the user is employed by another business entity. 
    • Is an Insurance Manager of [Company Name]?. If this user is also your company's Insurance Manager, place a checkmark in this box. To learn more, see Designate an Insurance Manager for Your Procore Company.
    • Attachments. Click Attach File(s) or user a drag-and-drop operation to move file from a computer or network location into Procore. 

Update the User's Company Permissions

This task can only be completed by users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Directory tool.

Scroll to the 'Company Permissions Templates' section. Select a company permissions template from the drop-down menu (recommended) or select Do Not Apply a  Permission Template.

If you do not want to apply a company permissions template, click the button under the permission level you want to provide for each tool you want the user to have access to. Procore's default setting provides users with 'Read Only' permission to the Portfolio tool, which allows the user to view all of the projects they have been added to.

To make the user a Company Administrator, select 'Admin' permissions for the Company level Directory tool (or select a permissions template with these permissions). This gives them 'Admin' level permissions for all Company level tools and Project level tools for projects that they are added to.


Add the User to Company Distribution Groups

If your company has created any distribution groups, the will appear in this table. Place a checkmark in the desired boxes to add the user to that group. If the table is blank, you must first create distribution groups. See Add a Distribution Group to the Company Directory

Update the User's 'New Project Settings'

This task can only be completed by users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Directory tool.

  1. Scroll to New Project Settings. 
  2. Choose from these settings:

    1. To select a default project permissions template for the user, click Select Default Template
      Note: To learn more about project permissions templates, see Manage Project Permissions Templates.
    2. To add the user to all new projects created in your company's Procore account, mark the Add [User Name] to All New Projects checkbox. 
    3. To allow the user to create new projects, mark the Allow [User Name] to Create New Projects checkbox. 
  3. Continue with Update the User's Current Project Settings.

Update the User's 'Current Project Settings'

If you want to add the user to one or more existing projects:

  1. Scroll to the Projects [User Name] Does Not Belong To list. 
  2. Locate the desired project in the list. 
  3. Click Add.
    Note:  Users with the 'Create and Edit Users' granular permission on the Company level Directory tool can only add other users to projects that they have already been added to.
    The following occurs:
    1. This moves the project's name to the 'Current Project Settings' list.
    2. It also adds the user to the corresponding Project Directory.
  4. If you want to change the user's permissions template for a specific project, see Change a User's Project Permissions Template in the Company Directory. To learn more about project permissions templates, see Manage Project Permissions Templates.
  5. Continue with Save the User's Record.

Save the User Record

Depending on whether the account is new or existing, click one of the following buttons:

  • Click Save and Send Invitation when:
    • You want to invite the new user to join your project. 
    • The user has NOT previously logged into Procore. 
  • Click Save & Send Notification when:
    • You want to notify an existing user of a change. 
    • The user has previously logged into Procore. 
  • Click Save when:
    • You want to save the new user account.
    • You are NOT ready to send the user an invitation to join Procore. 

You can also reinvite a user at a later time. See Invite or Re-invite a User to Procore.