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What happens when companies and users are added from the Procore Construction Network to the Company Directory?

 Limited Release
The Procore Construction Network is currently only available in the United States.


When you need to solicit bids for a project, you can use the new Bid Management experience to create a bid form to break down scope and cost information and help to standardize the responses that are received from bidders. Once you create your bid form, you can add companies to bid on your projects from your Company level Directory or add bidders from the Procore Construction Network. The Bid Contacts affiliated with the company will be notified of the bid invitation.


If you add bidders from companies with their own accounts on the Procore Construction Network, the companies and their Bid Contacts are automatically added to your Company level Directory as "connected" companies and "connected" users.

Connected Companies

  • Companies added from the Procore Construction Network will have a 'Connected Company' indicator next to their name.
  • These company records are connected to the Companies that that have their own Procore company accounts and are listed on the Procore Construction Network.
  • Information from the connected company's profile is included under header 'Procore Construction Network Profile Information'.
  • You can add additional information about the connected company to its record in your Company level Directory.

Connected Users

  • Bid Contacts for the company listed on the Procore Construction Network, are automatically added to your Company Directory for an initial bid invitation.
  • These Bid Contacts appear as 'connected users', because they users of the connected company.
  • Connected users have a 'Connected User' indicator next to their name.
  • Some information, such as their company information and email address is included and cannot be edited.
  • You can add additional information about the connected user to their record in your Company level Directory.
  • For any subsequent bid invitations, Bid Contacts listed on the business page are automatically added or updated in your Company Directory.