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Payments - Release Notes

Below are notable updates about the Procore Pay software product. 

Recent Changes

New Contract Compliance Object Available in Enhanced Reporting (5/20/2024)

Procore has updated the Payments area of the Financials Dataset in Enhanced Reporting. New fields have been added to the Contract Compliance object. The new fields are: Attachment Count, Date Updated, Effective At, Expires At, ID, Name, Notes, Send Expiration Notification, Status, and Type. To learn more about the join relationships for each object, refer to the Financials page in the Procore Enhanced Reporting: Data Guide

New Payments Objects Available in Enhanced Reporting (05/10/2024)

Procore has updated the Payments area of the Financials Dataset in Enhanced Reporting. New objects are now available for Contract Compliance, Payments Beneficiary, Sub-Tier, and Sub-Tier Waiver. You'll also see fields for the Contract Compliant and Insurance Compliant statuses in the Payment Requirement object. To learn more about the join relationships for each object, refer to the Financials page in the Procore Enhanced Reporting: Data Guide

New Statuses for Sub Tiers in the Commitments tool (04/19/2024)

Additional 'waiver status' options have been added for sub-tiers in the Commitments tool so you can can determine which sub-tiers you need to collect waivers for. See Edit Sub-Tier Subcontractor Information on Commitments and What are the sub-tier statuses on a commitment in Procore Pay?

New Download Icon for Sub-Tier Lien Waivers on Lien Rights Tab (04/10/2024)

After an invoice contact uploads a signed sub-tier lien waiver to a subcontractor invoice, a Download icon-download-cloud.png icon now appears in the Waivers column. See View Sub-Tier Information on a Subcontractor Invoice.

Cancel Disbursements Before Authorization (04/09/2024)

Payment Admins and Payment Disbursers can cancel disbursements before they are authorized for payment. This includes a new 'Canceled' status for Payments workflows. To learn more, see Cancel Disbursements Before Authorization as a Payor and What are the default statuses for a disbursement in a Payments Workflow for Procore Pay?

Remove Invoices from Disbursements (04/09/2024)

Payment Admins and Payment Disbursers can remove subcontractor invoices from a disbursement during the review process. For details, see Remove Subcontractor Invoices from Disbursements as a Payor.

Retrieve Signed Sub-Tier Lien Waivers After Upload Using a New Download Icon (04/01/2024)

A Download icon-download-cloud.png icon now appears in the Details panel immediately after an invoice contact uploads a signed sub-tier lien waiver to a subcontractor invoice. See Upload Sub-Tier Waivers to a Subcontractor Invoice as an Invoice ContactInvoice administrators can also quickly retrieve signed sub-tier waivers using the new icon. To learn more, see Review Sub-Tier Lien Waivers as an Invoice Administrator.

INCREASED THE Limit on Invoice PAYMENTs in DISBURSEMENTS TO 100 (04/01/2024)

To boost efficiency, Payments Admins and Payments Disbursers can now include up to 100 subcontractor invoice payments in a single disbursement, up from 30. To learn more, see Create Disbursements.

Procore Pay Now Appends a 'Certificate of Signature' to e-Signed Lien Waivers (03/29/2024)

Lien waivers signed using the eSign method now include a ‘Certificate of Signature’. When users compile or download a e-signed lien waiver, the certificate is appended to the lien waiver PDF file. To learn more, see Sign Lien Waivers on Project Invoices and View Signed Lien Waivers on Project Invoices.

Add Sub-Tier Subcontractor Information to Commitments (03/28/2024)

To promote transparency and ensure accountability on the job site for companies using Procore Pay, users with invoice administrator permissions in Procore can add sub-tier subcontractor information directly to commitments. To learn more, see About the Lien Rights Tab on a Commitment with Procore Pay and Add Sub-Tier Information to Commitments.

Invite Beneficiaries to Procore Pay from the Payments Tool (03/15/2024)

To centralize subcontractor onboarding for general contractors using Procore Pay to pay subcontractor invoices, Payments Admins and Payments Beneficiary Approvers can now invite subcontractors to join Procore Pay and add beneficiary accounts from the Company level Payments tool. The ability to invoice subcontractors was previously only available in the Commitments and Invoicing tool. To learn more, see Invite Beneficiaries to Procore Pay

Apply Vendor Holds on Subcontractor Invoices (03/11/2024)

Payments Admins and Payments Disbursers can now apply a vendor hold to a subcontractor invoice to alert users to pause payments for specific subcontractors, suppliers, or vendors. To learn more, see About Holds in Procore Pay.

New Option to Enable Procore Pay on All Projects (02/28/2024)

Procore has updated the Project Controls page in the Company level Payments tool to allow Payment Admins to enable Procore Pay on all new Procore projects by default. Any changes to this setting are logged in the Change History under the Payment Processing tab. To learn more, see Enable or Disable Procore Pay on Your Projects.

New Approve Beneficiary Bank Accounts Email Notification (02/27/2024)

When a payee completes Procore Pay onboarding, Procore Pay now sends an email notification to the payor’s Payments Admins and Payments Beneficiary Approvers to notify them that one (1) or more beneficiary accounts are awaiting review and approval. The email is distributed twice a week on Mondays and Thurdays. To learn more, see When does Procore Pay send email notifications? and Approve a Beneficiary Bank Account as a Payor.

New Option to Share Manual Holds with Users Granted 'Read-Only' or 'Standard' Level permissions on Commitments (02/22/2024)

Payors now have the option to make manual holds visible to subcontractors who have been granted 'Read-Only' or 'Standard' level permissions on the Commitments tool. Note: Not all general contractors choose to provide their subcontractors with access permissions to the Commitments tool. To learn how to create and share a manual hold, see Create and Apply a Manual Hold on an Invoice. If you are have been granted 'Read-Only' or 'Standard' level permissions to a payor's Commitments tool and a hold has been shared with you, see View Payment Requirements as the Invoice Contact for a Payee

New Holds Tab in Payment Requirements (02/14/2024)

Updated the Company level Payments tool to add a new Holds tab to the Payment Requirements panel. This provides users with the appropriate permissions the ability to create, edit, and view holds on subcontractor invoices. To learn more, see View Payment Requirements.

Mapped Additional Procore Data Fields To Placeholders in Lien Waiver Templates (02/08/2024)

Updated Procore Pay to map additional Procore data fields to the placeholder variables in lien waiver templates. The new data mappings include: Contract Amount Plus Change Orders, Total Paid to Date, Total Completed and Stored, Retainage Percentage, Balance to Finish, Total Payable to Date Less Retainage, and Original Contract Amount. To learn more, see What variables can we include as placeholders in a lien waiver template? and Create Lien Waiver Templates.

Added Manual Holds Filter (01/26/2024)

Procore has added a new 'Manual Holds filter to the Filters panel of the Subcontractor Invoices tab in the Company level Payments tool. To learn more, see Search for and Apply Filters on the Subcontractor Invoices Tab.


A new Change History page records all of the updates to the Payment Requirements settings for the Company level Payments tool. To learn more, see View the Payment Requirements Change History.

New Property Owner Field in Invoicing Settings for Lien Waivers (01/22/2024)

Procore has added a new Property Owner field to the Invoicing tool’s Setting page. When a user marks the ‘Enable Conditional Lien Waivers’ or ‘Enable Unconditional Lien Waivers’ check box, the field becomes active and required. Users must type the name of the project’s property owner exactly as they want it to appear on the project’s lien waivers. See Enable Lien Waivers & Set Default Templates on Projects.

New Options for Condition Steps on Payments Workflows (01/22/2024)

Procore has added new conditions for custom Payments Workflows: Disbursement Amount, Highest Invoice Amount, or Highest Retainage Released. Workflow Managers can now add these conditions when creating workflows. To learn more, see Best Practices for Creating a Payments Workflow.

Manage Sub-Tier Lien Waivers in Subcontractor Invoices (01/03/2024)

Payors can now provide payees with the ability to collect signed lien waivers from their sub-tier subcontractors outside of Procore and upload them to a subcontractor invoice. Payors can now Enable Sub-Tier Waivers on Subcontractor Invoices and configure the types of sub-tier lien waivers to collect. Once configured, a payee's invoice contact can Add Sub-Tier Information and Upload Sub-Tier Waivers in their subcontractor invoice. Before approving an invoice for payment, invoice administrators can also Review Sub-Tier Lien Waivers. For an overview of the tasks Procore Pay users can perform, see Manage Sub-Tier Waivers.

Additional Configuration Settings for Payment Requirements (12/29/2023)

Administrators now have additional options for enforcing payment requirements and can choose to set one (1) of three (3) options per payment requirement: 

  • Not Required. Doesn't track the payment requirement. 
  • Required but Allows Payment. Notifies users when a payment requirement isn't satisfied and allows users to send payments. 
  • Required and Prevents Payment. Notifies users when a payment requirement isn't satisfied to prevent users from sending payments. 

For payors who want to prevent their Payments Disbursers from paying invoices before the payment requirements are satisfied, choose the 'Required and Prevents Payment' setting. This notifies disbursers when a payment requirement isn't satisfied to prevent them from paying invoices. To learn more, see Configure Payment Requirements as a Payor

Multiple Deposit Accounts (12/21/2023)

If your company requires multiple deposit accounts to avoid commingling funds to streamline the reconciliation process and ensure accurate audit results, you can open additional deposit account(s) either during or after Procore Pay implementation process. To learn more, see Open a Deposit Account for Procore Pay as a Payor.

New Payments Beneficiary Approver Role (12/12/2023)

Procore introduced a new Payments Beneficiary Approver role for payors. This role provides designated users with the ability to Approve Beneficiary Bank Accounts, without the ability to Create Disbursements. In Procore Pay, only a Payments Admin can Add a Payments Beneficiary Approver as a Payor. To learn more, see What is a Payments Beneficiary Approver?

Share Lien Waiver Signature Authority (11/17/2023)

Because invoice contacts might not have the authority to sign a lien waiver for the subcontracting company, contacts can now grant signature authority to multiple potential signatories. Procore Pay collects one (1) signature on lien waivers. The first individual to sign the waiver completes the signature process. To learn more, see Share Lien Waiver Signature Authority.

Procore Pay Now Available in the United States (09/15/2023) 

flag-us.png Procore Pay icon-external-link.png with payments powered by Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB) is available in the United States. It is designed for General Contractors and Owner-Builders who act as their own General Contractors on a job. Procore Pay extends the Invoice Management icon-external-link.png functionality in the Procore web application to handle all aspects of the payment process between general and specialty contractors. To learn more, see Introducing Procore Pay.


*Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking services are provided by Goldman Sachs Bank USA (“GS Bank”) and its affiliates. GS Bank is a New York State chartered bank, a member of the Federal Reserve System, and Member FDIC.