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About the Lien Rights Tab on a Commitment with Procore Pay


To learn about the features and controls in the 'Lien Rights' tab on a commitment as a payor with Procore Pay. 


For payors using Procore Pay to pay subcontractor invoices, a 'Lien Rights' tab is added to a project's commitments when the 'Enable Sub-Tiers Waivers' setting is turned ON the Project level Invoicing tool. This provides users with the ability to manage information about a project's sub-tier subcontractors who have lien rights to the property. Invoice administrators can add up to one hundred (100) sub-tiers to the commitment, upload signed sub-tier waivers, as well as edit and view sub-tier information in a document viewer. 

Things to Consider



  1. Navigate to the Project level Commitments tool. 
  2. In the Contracts tab, locate the commitment to work with and click its Number link. 
  3. Click the Lien Rights tab. 
    Don't see the Lien Rights tab? Sub-Tier Waivers must be enabled on the project's Invoicing tool. See Enable Sub-Tier Waivers on Subcontractor Invoices as an Invoice Administrator.

Lien Rights Tab

This illustration shows you the Lien Rights tab on a commitment. 


This table details the columns in the table on the Lien Rights tab. 

Element Element Type Description
Add Sub-Tier Button Click this button to add a new sub-tier subcontractor to the list. This button is automatically deactivated after you add one hundred (100) sub-tier subcontractors to a commitment. To learn more, see Add Sub-Tier Subcontractor Information to a Commitment.
Search Field Enter your search terms in this field to search for matching terms in the table. 
Table Settings Icon Click the table settings icon to change the row height of the lien items and to show/hide columns in the table.
Sub-Tier Company Name Field Displays the name of the sub-tier subcontractor as entered.
Waiver Status Status Displays the sub-tier subcontractor's lien waiver status. See What are the sub-tier statuses on a commitment in Procore Pay?
Est. Contract Amount Currency Shows the sub-tier contractor's estimated contract amount for the commitment. The column also includes a grand total. 
Amount Billed to Date Currency Shows the amount billed to date by the first-tier contractor, for the sub-tier contractors portion of work. Procore Pay calculates this amount to show the 'Amount Billed to Date' across all requisitions for this sub-tier contractor. 
Notes Field Displays any important notes and relevant information for the subcontractor. This is entered as free-form text. 
Notices Button Depending on whether a document has been uploaded or not, you'll see one of the following buttons:
  • Upload. Click this button to add a sub-tier company to the commitment.
  • View. Click this button to view the sub-tier contractors details and view any file attachments. 
Overflow Menu Button Click the Overflow button and choose the Edit option from the drop-down menu. 


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