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    1. Updated Distribution Warning Message To Specify If Agenda Or Minutes (8/30/2017)
    2. Added 'Priority' To Old/New Business Meetings PDF (7/12/2017)
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    6. Added In Time Drop-Down Lists And A New Timezone Field (6/6/2017)   
    7. Updated Meetings Page In The Meetings Tool (5/12/2017)
    8. Updated Meetings With Minor User Experience Adjustments (5/10/2017)
    9. Updated The Assignment Drop-Down List In The Meetings Tool (5/10/2017)
    10. UX Improvements To Meetings/Meeting Topics Edit And View Pages (5/10/2017)
    11. Updated Assignee Drop-Down List In Meetings Tool (5/10/2017)
    12. Added Previous Meeting Minutes Table To Meeting Item View Page (5/9/2017)
    13. Added A Recycle Bin To The Meetings Tool (5/9/2017)
    14. Create Meetings From A Template (5/2/2017)
    15. Added A New Follow Up Button In The Meetings Tool (4/21/2017)
    16. Create Custom Meeting Reports In The Reports Tools (4/21/2017)
    17. Added Previous Meeting Minutes To Follow Up Meetings In Agenda Mode (3/7/2017)
    18. Meeting Category Drop-Down Now Alphabetized (3/1/2017)
    19. Changed 'Business Item' To 'Meeting Item' (2/7/2017)
    20. Improved Button Spacing Between Cancel And Save (2/3/2017)
    21. Updated 'Meeting Name' Behavior In Meetings Tool (2/1/2017)
    22. Added Collapse/Expand To Meetings List Page (1/18/2017)
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Meetings (Project Level)

Procore's Project level Meeting tool is designed to help manage project meetings. It streamlines the process of creating a meeting agenda and quickly converts your meeting agendas to minutes. Meeting organizers can also create categories to organize their business items. A user with 'Admin' level permissions to this tool can also tailor this tool to meet specific needs for meetings within your project. 

  • Create meetings and distribute detailed agendas with attachments to invitees. 
  • Add event reminders to most third-party Calendar programs directly from Procore. 
  • Assign and track the status of action items. 
  • Create and distribute detailed meeting minutes in a consistent and easy-to-ready format. 
  • Automatically carry over outstanding items to the next meeting. 

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