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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Meetings tool. 

Recent Changes

Added Timezone to Meetings ICS Files (10/30/2018) 

When downloading the ICS file from a Meeting, it will now have the Timezone that Meeting in Procore has.

Revert to Agenda Mode (8/23/2018) 

Now users can switch a meeting back to Agenda Mode rather than having to create a new meeting.

Edit the Assignment on an Meeting Agenda Inline (6/29/2018)

Updated the Project level Meetings tool so that when viewing a meeting agenda, users can click into the Assignment cell on the table to add, change, and remove assignees. 

Updated Verbiage For Meetings Configuration Settings (3/5/2018)

Reordered and updated verbiage of settings listed in the Meetings tool Configuration Settings page. 

Improved Meeting Minutes (2/20/2018)

Updated the Meetings tool by adding the ability to in-line edit meeting minutes, show/hide minutes from older meeting's and star minutes so that they stay visible on future meetings.

Updated Filenames for Agenda & Meeting Minutes PDF Exports (1/2/2018)

Updated the Meetings tool to rename the Meetings PDF export file so that now both the Agenda and Minutes export PDFs display a more meaningful name. Prior to this release, the export file used a random string name.


Agenda PDF
Previous: 2017-11-09T22_50_06_6662733-5f07297c-0723-4040-9087-a4c23125e072.pdf
New: YYYY-MM-DD Meeting Agenda PDF Export.pdf

Minutes PDF

Previous: 2017-11-09T14_50_22_2675612-40195b5e-4d71-4828-b8c4-8e718d9f0236.pdf 
New: YYYY-MM-DD Meeting Minutes Export.pdf

All Changes



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