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Add Meeting Minutes

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To add meeting minutes to a meeting once it is in minutes mode.


During the meeting you can convert a meeting to minutes mode (see Convert a Meeting to Minutes Mode). Then, use the steps below to add your meeting minutes.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the project's Meetings tool.
  • Prerequisites:
    Before you can add meeting minutes:
    • The meeting must be in 'Minutes' mode. To determine which mode your meeting is in, go to the Meeting Agenda/Minutes page and look at the 'State' column. To convert a meeting from 'Agenda' to 'Minutes' mode, see Convert to Minutes
    • The meeting must have one or more agenda items (a.k.a., 'meeting items'). See Add a Meeting Item. To determine if a meeting has agenda items, got to the Meeting Agendas/Minutes page and then look for a number in the '# Items' column.



  1. Navigate to the project's Meetings tool.
    This reveals the Meeting Agenda/Minutes page. 
  2. Locate the desired meeting in the list. Then, depending upon which mode the meeting is in, you have these options:
    • If the meeting is in 'Agenda' mode, click View. Then click Convert to Minutes. 
    • If the meeting is in 'Minutes' mode, click Edit.
  3. Scroll to the category that contains the item to which you want to add minutes and next to the 'Minutes have not been entered' label, click Add Minutes

    This opens the 'Add Meeting Minutes' window for the meeting item. 
  4. In the 'Add Meeting Minutes' window, complete the data entry as follows:

    • Minutes: Enter a summary of what was discussed for this meeting item in this box.

    • Carry Over Minutes from the Previous Meeting: If this is a follow-up meeting, click this link to use the minutes from the previous meeting. Then update the previous minutes as desired. Note: If previous minutes are available, they appear directly below the 'Minutes' box. 

  5. Click Save.
    The system saves the meeting minutes and closes the Add Meeting Minutes window. 
  6. Repeat the steps above for each meeting item. 
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