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Company Admin Tool - User Permissions

Company Level Admin

Learn which user permissions are required to take the described actions in this tool.

   The action is available on Procore's Web, iOS, and/or Android application. Click to view the article.

icon-mindtouch-table-check.png Users can take the action with this permission level.

icon-mindtouch-table-check.png Users can take this action with this permission level AND one or more additional requirements, like granular permissions.


Some actions that impact this tool are done in other Procore tools. See the User Permissions Matrix for the full list of actions taken in all other tools.

Action None Read Only Standard Admin Notes
Add a Budget View for Real-Time Labor Costing       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Custom Department       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Custom Owner Type       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Custom Program       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Custom Project Region       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Custom Project Role       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Custom Project Stage       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Custom Project Type       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Custom Trade       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Project Type       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Template Correspondence Type       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add a Unit of Measure to the Units of Measure Master List       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add an Office       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Company Cost Codes       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Company Cost Types       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Company Level Observation Types       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Custom Segments       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Employer Identification Number       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Multiple Office Locations       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add New Project Dates       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Root Cause Analysis Fields       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Segment Items       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Add Task Categories       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Apply Configurable Fieldsets to Projects       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Arrange the Company Budget Code Structure       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Configure the Administrative Settings for Procore       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Configure Company Webhooks       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Configure Single Sign On in the Company Admin Tool       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Configure Your Company's Default Project Settings       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Create a Meeting Template       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Create Custom Portfolio Reports       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Create Custom Submittal Log Statuses       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Create Custom Submittal Types       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Create a New Expense Allocation       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Create New Configurable Fieldsets       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Create Your Company's Default Work Breakdown Structure       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Deactivate Segment Items       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Delete a Budget View       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Delete a Custom Trade       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Delete a Meeting Template       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Delete a Program       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Delete Company Office Locations       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Delete Custom Segments       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Delete Observation Types       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Delete Root Cause Analysis Fields       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Display Project Number in Change Project Drop-Down Menu       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit a Meeting Template       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit an Existing Budget View        icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit and Add Cost Codes and Descriptions       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit Company Name       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit Company Office Locations       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit Configurable Fieldsets       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit Custom Segment Settings       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit Observation Types       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit Program Information       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit Root Cause Analysis Fields       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Edit Segment Items       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Enable Avatars       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Enable/Disable Surveys in Procore       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Enable Project Level Budget Code Structure Edits       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Enable Security Settings for Logins, Passwords, and Session Timeout Intervals       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Enable Sub Jobs for WBS       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Enable Terms and Conditions       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Enable Vendor Insurance Notifications       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Enable the DocuSign® Integration on Your Company's Procore Account       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Export Segments to CSV       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Import Segment Items into your Company Level Admin Tool       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Manage Apps       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Manage Custom Statuses for Correspondence Types       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Reactivate Segment Items       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Remove Configurable Fieldsets from Projects       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Set up a New Budget View        icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Set Up the Procore Labor Productivity Cost Budget View        icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Set Default Change Order Configuration       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Set Time Zone       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Track Important Project Dates       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Update the Tool Settings for Contracts       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
Upload a Company Logo       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
View Account Information       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png  
View the Company Cost Type Segment Settings       icon-mindtouch-table-check.png