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View Account Information


To view your account's general licensing information including important dates and tools which are available for use in your account.


This page will assist in clarifying critical account information including the following:

  • The number of projects created against the total allocated for the account
  • Important contacts at your company
  • Available tools
  • All products Procore offers

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the company's Admin tool.


  1. Choose from these options:
    1. Navigate to the company's Admin tool. 
    2. In the top-right corner, click your initials and then click Account & Admin Settings.
      This reveals two (2) tabs on the Account Information page:

Account Overview Tab

  1. In the Account Information page, click Account Overview.
    This tab contains two areas: Details and Tools

  2. Under Details, the following information appears:
    • Creation Date. Indicates the date on which your company's Procore account was created. This date cannot be modified. 
    • Project Cap. Shows the current number of active projects in your company's account and the maximum number of projects allowed. A project cap defines the maximum limit on the number of projects that can be created and used in your company's Procore account. 
      • The project cap is specified in your company's contract with Procore. 
      • The project cap does NOT include your Sandbox Text Project or the Standard Project Template. 
      • To increase the project cap, your company's Procore Administrator can contact your company's Procore point of contact with an inquiry. Note: Increases to the project cap may affect the contract price.
    • ERP Integrations. Shows the name of the supported ERP integration purchased per your contract (e.g., Integration by Procore, Integration by Ryvit, Sage 100 Contractor®, Sage 300 CRE®, Viewpoint® Spectrum®, or QuickBooks®).
      Note: This field will not display if you did not purchase an ERP Integration or if the ERP Integration has been disabled. See ERP Integrations.
    • ERP Contact. Reveals the email address of the Procore employee assigned to assist you with your ERP integration. Note: This individual does NOT exist in your Company Directory, but you will be able to send an email to this individual if you have purchased an ERP Integration.
      Note: This field will NOT appear if the Company level ERP Integrations tool is disabled of if your company did NOT purchase an integration. 
    • Executive Sponsor. Reveals the name of the employee at your company who has a vested interest in the success of Procore at your company. Typically, this is senior member of your project team or a financial contact. 
      Note: To change your executive sponsor, contact your Procore point of contact. 
    • Account Administrator. The main contact for setting up and managing your account at a high level. This field may not display for every company.​
  3. Under Tools, you can view an alphabetical list of Procore tools by product line. The contract type is also listed next to each tool's contract type (e.g., Licensed or Trial). 
    • The Account Tools area does NOT list custom tools or foundational tools that are provided with every account (e.g., the Admin tool).
    • If your company's account is NOT licensed or participating in a trial, the product group will NOT display in this list.
    • If your company has deactivated a Procore tool at the Company level, the tool will NOT display in this list.
    • If your company is using a trial account, the 'Contract Type' column is hidden. Only to tools included in your trial appear. 
    • If your company account is an active account, the 'Contract Type' column indicates whether a tool is 'Licensed' or a 'Trial'. 
    • If you want to modify the licensing, your company's Procore Administrator can contact your company's Procore point of contact with an inquiry. 
      Note: Licensing and contract changes may affect the contract price.

Available Products Tab

  1. In the Account Information page, click Available Products.
    This page includes a comprehensive list of Procore product offerings. 

  2. If you want to learn more about a product, click Learn More.

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