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Upload an Office Logo


To upload your office logo to the company's Admin tool. 


If your company has multiple offices and wants to display a unique office logo for each office in Procore, you can add a copy of your logo image to Procore when it meets the image requirements detailed in Things to Consider below. Your office logo will appear on a variety forms, reports, pages, and most email messages that are associated with that office. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the company's Admin tool.
  • Logo Requirements:
    • Supported file formats: GIF, JPG, and PNG (Note: BMP and TIFF files are NOT supported). 
    • Always resize your logo to 200 x 70 pixels (width x height) before uploading it. Most commonly-used image editing programs provide users with the means to either resize and/or rescale your logo. See the Help system for your specific image editing program for more information. 
      Important! Procore will proportionally rescale any image that does NOT meet the stated size requirements. Depending on the dimensions of your original logo, not resizing your logo to meet the image requirements can result in mild or extreme image distortion after the upload.
  • Limitations:
    • If you do not upload a office logo, each office's logo will default to the Company logo. See Upload a Company Logo.
    • An office can only have one (1) logo at any given time. 


  1. Navigate to the company's Admin tool.
    This reveals the Company Settings page.
  2. Scroll to the Office Settings area. 
  3. Next to the desired Office Name, click Edit.
    This opens the Office for <Company Name> window. 
  4. Next to the Office Logo area, do the following:
    Note: If you have not yet uploaded an office logo, the company's logo appears by default (see Upload a Company Logo). 
    1. Click Add Office Logo
    2. In the window that appears, navigate to and select the desired logo to upload. 
      A preview of the selected office logo appears next to the word 'Current'. 

    3. Click Save
      The system saves the office logo in the company's Admin tool. 
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