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The following table highlights which user permissions are typically granted to a Subcontractor.

A user's permissions for a specific tool are granted on a per project basis. To request changes to your current permissions, please contact the person who serves as the Procore administrator for your company.

Project Level

Tool None Read-only Standard Admin
Admin icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Bidding icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Budget icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Change Events icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Change Orders     icon_checkmark_h17.png  
Commitments   icon_checkmark_h17.png    
Daily Log     icon_checkmark_h17.png  
Direct Costs icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Directory icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Documents   icon_checkmark_h17.png    
Drawings   icon_checkmark_h17.png    
Emails icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Inspections icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Meetings icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Observations     icon_checkmark_h17.png  
Photos   icon_checkmark_h17.png    
Prime Contract icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Punch List     icon_checkmark_h17.png  
Reports icon_checkmark_h17.png      
RFIs     icon_checkmark_h17.png  
Schedule   icon_checkmark_h17.png    
Specifications   icon_checkmark_h17.png    
Submittals   icon_checkmark_h17.png*    
Transmittals icon_checkmark_h17.png      

* Although it is not the typical setting recommended for subcontractors, you can choose to grant subcontractors 'Standard' level permissions on the Submittals tool. This give you the ability to assign a subcontractor to the submittal workflow so they can submit a response. For information about the other permissions a user with 'Standard' level permissions tool has, see the Permissions page for the Submittals tool. 

Company Level

Tool None Read-only Standard Admin
Admin icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Directory icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Documents icon_checkmark_h17.png      
ERP Integrations icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Inspections icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Planroom icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Portfolio icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Reports icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Schedule icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Timecard icon_checkmark_h17.png      


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