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  6. Recent Changes
    1. Added Date Calculation To Custom Reports (10/5/2017) 
    2. Updated 'Add Tab' In Custom Reports (8/3/2017)
    3. Updated Aggregations On Charts To Include AVG, MIN, MAX (7/19/2017)
    4. Added 'Closed Date' And 'Response Date' To Punch List Custom Reports (7/19/2017)
    5. Added 'Days Overdue' and 'Overdue' Columns To Submittals Custom Reports (7/14/2017)
    6. Added A New 'Meeting Wide Number' Column To Custom Meeting Reports (6/23/2017)
    7. Added Ability To Auto-Add & Delete Calculated Columns In Custom Reports (6/12/2017)
    8. Improved Adding Rows To Calculated Column Modal In Reports Tools (6/7/2017)
    9. Upgraded Financial Line Item Summary Reports Division to be Filterable (6/6/2017)
    10. Added 'Completed Commitments' Column to Custom Financial Line Item Summary Reports (6/5/2017)
    11. Added Fullscreen to Product Line Dashboards in Reports Tools (5/30/2017)
    12. Added Warranty Start and Warranty End Dates to Custom Portfolio Reports (5/22/2017)
    13. Added Bid Package Name Filter to Custom Bidding Reports (5/22/2017)
    14. Added Cost Code Column To Custom Directory Reports (5/22/2017)
    15. Added a Parent Job Column to Custom Reports (5/12/2017) 
    16. Removed Inactive Companies From Filter In Custom Reports (5/11/2017)
    17. Updated Custom Reports for Budget Snapshots (5/10/2017)
    18. System Now Sends Emails On Publish For Dashboards & Custom Reports (5/9/2017)
    19. Added Options To Exclude Weekends When Distributing Custom Report Snapshots (5/8/2017)
    20. Added Requisitions To The Custom Commitments Report (5/4/2017)
    21. Added Subtotal Display on Hover in Custom Reports (5/3/2017)
    22. Precipitation Now Using International Standard Units (SI) (4/21/2016)
    23. Create Custom Meeting Reports In the Reports Tools (4/21/2017) 
    24. Added en-AU Translation to Construction Financials Dashboard (4/18/2017)
    25. Changed Chart Name To 'Open Inspections By Project' For Reports Dashboard (4/12/2017)
    26. Improved Column Alignment On Reports Table (4/11/2017)
    27. Create Custom Bidding Reports (4/5/2017)
    28. Upgraded Custom Directory Reports (3/22/2017)
    29. Enabled Aggregations for Prime Contract Change Order Columns (3/16/2017)
    30. Added Expand/Collapse All To Groups In Custom Reports (3/16/2017)
    31. Added Inspection Item 'Details' To Custom Reports (3/14/2017)
    32. Updated Reports To Add PCCOs To Change Events Tool (3/6/2017)
    33. Added Specs To Custom Reports (3/3/2017)
    34. Added Project Columns Across All Tools On Custom Reports (3/3/2017)
    35. Added Resource Column To Custom Schedule Reports (2/21/2017)
    36. Added Custom Fields to Custom RFIs Reports (2/17/2017)
    37. Added Custom Fields To Custom Portfolio Reports (2/14/2017)
    38. Updated The Reports Tools To Add Custom Submittal Fields (2/6/2017)
    39. Added Inspections and Observations to the Assignment Report (2/3/2017)
    40. Added Drawings to Custom Reports (2/3/2017)
    41. Updated The Reports Tools To Add Custom Submittal Fields (2/6/2017)
    42. Added Daily Log's Call Log To Custom Reports (1/18/2017)
    43. Added Title Links To Inspection Summary Reports (1/18/2017)
    44. Added Title Links To Photos Custom Reports (1/12/2017)
    45. Updated Reset Button To Fix Display In IE/Edge Browsers (1/6/2017)
    46. Updated Permissions For Commitment Cost Report In Reports Tool (1/5/2017)
  7. All Changes
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    1. User Guide

Reports (Project Level)

Procore's Project level Reports tool gives your enterprise the ability to better manage and gain visibility into all stages of your company's Procore projects. 

  • Generate detailed project reports detailing assignments, RFIs, approver response times, punch list delays, and timecard reports. 
  • Track and manage project financials including committed costs, budget modifications, overdue change orders, draw request, and more.
  • Audit and monitor project schedules, completed, work in progress, and overdue tasks. 
  • Review a wide variety of daily log reports that detail weather delays, manpower, visitors, safety, equipment, waste, and more. 
  • Add custom reports and export report data to PDF. 
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