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Procore BIM Plugins

Procore offers two plugin applications for Windows computers that allow users to integrate with Procore's tools within BIM applications such as Autodesk®, Navisworks®, and Revit®:

VDC Plugin for Coordination Issues, Models, and Locations
The Procore BIM product is required to use this plugin.

  • Create and manage coordination issues directly in Navisworks®.
  • Publish models from Navisworks® for use on Procore web and mobile viewers.
  • Publish grid information from Revit® to use the 2D Views feature on the Procore iOS app.
  • Streamline your project locations setup by exporting Levels and Rooms directly out of Revit® to Locations in Procore.

Documents Plugin for Autodesk®
Anyone with access to a project's Documents tool can use this plugin.

  • Integrates with the Documents tool in Procore and allows you to interact with project files in Navisworks®, Revit®, and AutoCAD® applications.
  • View & interact with Coordination Issues in Revit®.
  • Export content directly from AutoCAD® or Revit® to the Documents tool in Procore.
  • Open and append Procore documents into Navisworks® and save to the Documents tool.
  • Helps empower team members to keep project files up to date and reduce the risk of rework.

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See Admin for actions in Procore's web application. 

Below are the notable changes to the Procore VDC Plugin.

Recent Changes

7.26.1 (05/30/2024)

  • Fix for viewpoints occasionally not loading when publishing Models.

7.26.0 (04/16/2024)

  • Navisworks 2025 support.
  • New option to force refresh Locations in settings. 

7.25.8 (03/29/2024)

  • Fix: Navisworks crash while publishing a model opened from ACC.

7.25.7 (02/27/2024)

  • Fix: Reverted logging changes due to reported crashes.

7.25.6 (02/27/2024)

  • Fix: Authentication changes for Procore caused login issues for users.

7.25.4 (02/16/2024)

  • Fix: Selecting items would not display the correct elevation when creating levels. 

7.25.2 (01/10/2024)

  • Fix: Improvements to file upload process.

7.25.1 (01/05/2024)

  • Fix: Activity snapshots failing to upload.

7.25.0 (01/02/2024)

  • Now uses segmented upload for files larger than 5MB

7.24.3 (11/16/2023)

  • Feature: New Learn More button on the section box warning banner.
  • Fix: Navisworks crash when viewing sheets.

7.24.2 (10/02/2023)

  • No user facing changes

7.24.1 (09/13/2023)

  • Fixed a bug where Observation Assignee and Type drop-downs weren't loading

7.24 (09/06/2023)

  • Feature: Support for Enter and Escape keys on forms
  • Fix: Support projects with more than 10,000 Drawings or Coordination Issues
  • Fix: Error when publishing a model with more than 100 viewpoints

7.23.5 (08/23/2023)

  • Fixed a bug where some Level values would not display when selecting model elements.

7.23.4 (08/18/2023)

  • Fixed a bug where the Coordination Issues list does not scroll to the correct location

7.23.3 (08/10/2023)

  • Fixed a bug where some Sherlock issues did not properly navigate to the Clash Detective
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect units when Adding a Level by selection

7.23.1 (07/27/2023)

  • Fixed a bug with section box when publishing a new revision of a model

7.23.0 (07/21/2023)

  • Units for Settings and Add Level panels utilize Navisworks Display Unit
  • Increase timeouts

7.22.0 (06/30/2023)

  • Fix for timeout when uploading large models

7.21.0 (06/16/2023)

  • 5GB limit when publishing models

7.20.0 (04/25/2023)

  • Autodesk 2024 Support
  • Flypaper Sherlock Integration
  • Priority and Trade fields now sticky
  • Fix: Suppress Script Error on Login

7.19.3 (01/19/2023)

  • Save NWD viewpoint issue
  • Section box warning banner should go away when section box is present

Below are the notable changes to the Procore Documents Plugin for Autodesk®.

Recent Changes

0.13.1 (05/30/2024)

  • Fixed a crash with some instances of Revit® 2022

0.13.0 (04/24/2024)

  • Autodesk 2025 support
  • Fix: Page refresh looping

0.11.2 (04/01/2024)

  • Fix: Incorrect analytics being sent

  • Fix: Failure to download due to invalid certificate

0.11.0 (04/01/2024)

  • Feature: Quality of life improvements to auto-fill file type fields based on last save/export
  • Feature: Large file upload (>5G <5TB)
  • Fix: Authorization between multiple instances    

0.10.1 (11/03/2023)

  • Fix: Potential crash in Revit

0.10.0 (11/02/2023)

  • Feature: Japanese language support
  • Feature: Ability to resize folder tree
  • Fix: Better support for projects with large folder counts

0.9.2 (09/08/2023)

  • Feature: Support Windows Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Feature: Added Divide File Into Levels config when exporting NWC files from Revit
  • Fix: Navisworks crash when resolving missing files
  • Fix: Support projects with more than 10,000 Documents folders

0.9.1 (05/10/2023)

  • Append DWF/DWFx in Navisworks
  • Improved Refresh in Navisworks
  • Fix: Export DWF/DWFx/PDF in AutoCAD

0.9.0 (05/02/2023)

  • Autodesk 2024 Support
  • Revit NWC Export Settings
  • Export Error Messaging
  • Fixes for Open/Append/Save Crash in Navisworks

0.8.0 (03/09/2023)

  • Fix for update flow from File Info panel
  • Improved analytics for Exports
  • Fixes for authentication / white screen issues

0.7.3 (02/21/2023)

  • Improved Revit NWC Export Settings
  • Prompt for login on Save
  • Authorization improvements

0.7.2 (01/19/2023)

  • Updated IFC Export Settings