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The tutorials on this page reflect updates included in the Financials Management: New Admin & Collaborator Views for Subcontractor Invoices release. To give you time to preview the design changes, Procore is providing users with the option to switch between the new and legacy experience until October 2022 in the user interface. After this date, the ability to exit out of the new experience will be removed and the legacy experience will no longer be available in Procore. To view the tutorials that detail the legacy experience, please visit the Commitments tool.


About Subcontractor Invoices

Subcontractor Invoices

Owner Invoices

For Invoice Administrators

Funding Invoices

If your company is in the United States and your Procore Administrator has enabled the Procore for Owners Point-of-View Dictionary in your environment, the tutorials for managing funding invoices are published in the Funding tool. 

Owner Invoices

An asterisk (*) below indicates the task is performed in Procore's Prime Contracts tool. See Prime Contracts.