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About Subcontractor Invoices


To provide Procore users with information about subcontractor invoices in Procore. 


subcontractor invoice is a request for payment from a seller to a buyer. Procore invoices allow contractors to progressively bill clients at several stages during the construction process. These billings are based on a verified percentage of the commitment contract's completion. General contractors can configure billing period start and end dates, as well as the billing date, for each billing period. They can invite subcontractors to complete invoices for the most recent billing period, or they can create invoices on behalf of the subcontractor. Once the invoice has been approved, payment can be issued against the commitment. 

In Procore, a project team can use two Procore tools to manage subcontractor invoice: the Commitments tool and the Invoicing tool. Unlike other Procore tools, access permission to the project's Invoicing tool is governed by the permissions granted to a user account for the Commitments tool.  This is because the Invoicing tools was designed to provide general contractors and project owners with access to all of a project's subcontractor invoices, owner invoices,  and billing periods in a single workspace. If you are a subcontractor, the Procore project owner determines whether you have access permission to perform the tasks detailed in the recommended workflow below. If you have been granted access permission to Procore for subcontractor invoicing,  you will perform those tasks using the Commitments tool. 

Recommended Workflow for GCs

General Contractor
General Contractor

Create an Invoice on Behalf of a Subcontractor
Create an Invoice on B...

Review Invoices an 'Admin'
Review Invoices an 'Ad...

Have invoice contacts been added to the commitment?
Have invoice contacts b...

Send Subcontractor Invoice Invitations
Send Subcontractor Inv...

Add Invoice Contacts to a Commitment
Add Invoice Contacts t...

Review Invoices as a Subcontractor
Review Invoices as a S...
Optional Step
Optional Step
Create Automatic Billing Periods
Create Automatic Billi...

Create Manual Billing Periods
Create Manual Billing...
How will billing periods be created for the invoice?
How will billing periods...
How will invoices be created in Procore?
How will invoices be cr...

Create and Submit an Invoice as a Subcontractor
Create and Submit an I...
Do you want to send an invoice invitation?
Do you want to send an...


Workflow Details

The details below are intended to be used by owners and general contractors. If you are a collaborator who has been granted permission to submit an invoice, please see the Notes below. 

  1. Add at least one (1) invoice contact to the purchase order or subcontract using one (1) of these tools:
  2. Create a billing period choosing one of these methods:
  3. Decide who can create invoices on your project. You have these choices:
    • Create an invoice on behalf of your subcontractor
      Use this option if you do NOT want to provide your subcontractors with access to your Procore project. For instructions, see Create an Invoice on Behalf of a Subcontractor.
    • Invite your subcontractor's 'Invoice Contact' to create an invoice
      Choose this option if you would like to provide your subcontractor's 'Invoice Contact' with access to create an invoice. For instructions, see Send Subcontractor Invoice Invitations
      Did you receive an email invite to submit an invoice?  If you are a subcontractor who has been designated an the 'Invoice Contact', you may have recevied an invitation to bill from Procore. To learn how to submit an invoice, see Create and Submit an Invoice as a Subcontractor
  4. Review the submitted invoice. See Review Invoices as an 'Admin.'
    Was an invoice line item approved or rejected? If you are an 'Invoice Contact' who has also been granted 'Standard' permission on a project's Commitments tool, you can check status of the line items on your invoice, see any comments left by the person who reviewed your invoice submission, and adjust those line item amounts as need to resubmit your invoice for another review. To learn more, see Review Invoices as a Subcontractor.

Training Videos

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If you would like to learn more about Procore’s invoice management software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction invoice management software product page here.
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