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Release Notes

 Below are the notable changes to the project's Invoicing tool.

Recent Changes

Added a 'Budget Code' Column to the Subcontractor SOV Tab of a Commitment (05/25/2021) 

Procore has replaced the 'Sub Job' and 'Cost Code' columns in the 'Subcontractor SOV' tab with a new 'Budget Code' column. This new column will now appear in all of your Procore project's purchase orders and subcontracts. See Create a Subcontractor SOV and Add a Subcontractor SOV to a Commitment as an Invoice Contact. To learn how to enable the 'Subcontractor SOV' tab on a purchase order or subcontract, see Enable or Disable the Subcontractor SOV Tab on the Commitments Tool. To learn about budget codes, see What is a budget code?

Previous Changes