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Create Owner Invoices (Beta)

 In Beta
This page details the modernized owner invoice experience.


To generate an owner invoice to bill an upstream collaborator for work on a prime contract.


When managing your construction project in Procore, you can generate an owner invoice to bill an upstream collaborator on a prime contract. Then, submit the invoice as a payment application


Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Prime Contracts tool.
  • Additional Information:



  1. Navigate to the project's Prime Contracts tool.
  2. Find the contract for which you want to generate an invoice. 
  3. In the Number column, click the link to open it.
  4. In the contract, click the Invoices tab. 

  5. Click + Create and choose Create Invoice from the drop-down menu. 
    Is the menu option grayed out? To activate this option, place the contract into the Approved or Complete status. 

    This opens the 'New Invoice for [Contract]' page.
  6. In the Create Invoice card, do the following:
    An asterisk (*) below indicates the field is required. 
    • Invoice No.
      Enter an invoice number or leave it blank and edit later.
    • Billing Period
      Procore selects the open billing period's date range or, if no open period, the most recent period's date range.

      How do you create a billing period? Only an invoice administrator can create billing periods with the Invoicing or Progress Billings tool. See Create Billing Periods

    • Populate the Schedule of Values with Costs from the Selected Billing Period
      Mark this checkbox to turn the setting ON or remove the checkmark to turn the setting OFF. By default, this setting is turned OFF. 
      • ON. Procore populates the invoice's schedule of values with eligible cost amounts from the selected billing period as follows:
        • Subcontractor invoices in any Approved status. See What are the default statuses for Procore invoices?
        • Direct costs with a 'Received Date' in the Approved status with a corresponding budget code in the contract's or funding's Schedule of Values
        • Commitment change orders in the Approved status with a corresponding change order or a corresponding budget code in the commitment's schedule of values. 

          If the following is true about a commitment change order, Procore automatically populates the data to the invoice's schedule of values: 

          • It is connected to a prime contract change order via a change event, the data populates the prime contract change order.
          • It is NOT tied to a prime contract change order, the data populates the prime contract's Schedule of Values line item with a matching budget code.

          If a change order does not meet the criteria above, Procore will NOT populate the data in the schedule of values. 

      • OFF. Procore does NOT populate the Schedule of Values with costs. Users must manually enter the data in the schedule of values. 
    • Include backup from direct costs and invoices in the selected billing period
      Mark this checkbox to turn the setting ON or remove the checkmark to turn the setting OFF. By default, this setting is turned ON. 
      • ON.  Updates the invoice's Attachments card in the invoice to contain these sections: Uploaded Attachments, Attachments from Subcontractor Invoices, and Attachments from Direct Costs. Procore adds the relevant attachments from the selected billing period as follows:
      • OFF. Only the Uploaded Attachments card and button are available. 
  7. Click Create.
    Procore creates the invoice. Continue the next step.

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