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QuickBooks: User Guide


The articles below describe how to use different tools to perform a variety of accounting-related tasks when your company's Procore account has been setup with the QuickBooks Connector.
Note: The tutorials in the user guide assume that QuickBooks has already been integrated with your company's Procore account. If this is not the case, see the QuickBooks: Setup Guide.



For an overview about working with QuickBooks-integrated commitments, see Export a Commitment to QuickBooks.

  1. Create a Commitment
  2. Send a Commitment to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance
  3. Accept or Reject a Commitment for Export to QuickBooks 
  4. Edit a Commitment Synced with QuickBooks
  5. Request to Delete a Commitment Synced with QuickBooks
  6. Delete a Commitment Synced with QuickBooks


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