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Send a CCO to ERP for Accounting Acceptance


We've been busy building a better way to serve you documentation that gives you the most up-to-date and relevant information about how to use your company's Procore + ERP integration.

This page is part of the new experience. The new experience is currently complete for all Procore-built ERP integrations. 


To send a Commitment Change Order (CCO) to the ERP Integrations tool so it can be accepted by an accounting approver for export to your integrated ERP system. 


When you create a CCO on a Procore project, the new CCO must be sent to the ERP Integrations tool in Procore for acceptance by an accounting approver. After acceptance, the system will export the CCO data to your integrated ERP system.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' on the project's Commitments tool.
    • 'Admin' on the project's Change Orders tool
  • Requirements:
    • Contract Company. Must be an ERP-linked vendor in the Directory tool. 
    • Status. Must be 'Approved.' 
    • Schedule of Values (SOV). Must include at least one (1) line item with an ERP Standard Cost Code. 
  • Additional considerations and limitations may apply depending on the ERP system your account is integrated with. See Things to know about your ERP Integration for more information.


  1. Navigate to the project's Change Orders tool.
  2. Click the Commitments tab. 
  3. Locate the desired CCO in the list. Then click View.
  4. If all the CCO data appears as desired, click Send to ERP.
    • The system sends the CCO to the ERP Integrations tool. The following fields are locked and cannot be edited after export:
      • Contract Company
      • Title
      • Status
      • Total Amount