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Resend a Rejected Commitment to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance


Each Procore-built ERP integration offers its own unique feature set. Your integration might not support the action described on this page.

To learn about your integration and its supported features, see Things to Know About Your ERP Integration.

To explore all documentation for your integration, see ERP Integrations.


To resend a rejected commitment to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance for export to the integrated ERP system by an accounting approver. 


If a commitment is sent to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance by an accounting approver, the approver has the option to 'Reject' it for export to the ERP system. When rejected, the approver will typically include a reason for the rejection to clarify the changes needed. When an item is rejected for export, Procore sends an automated email notification to the person who sent the item to the ERP Integrations tool to notify them of the rejection. 

Next, the user is expected to address the reason(s) for the rejection by updating the commitment. After the commitment is corrected, follow the steps below to resend it to the ERP Integrations tool for accounting acceptance. 

Things to Consider 

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' on the project's Commitments tool.
  • Prerequisites:
    • You will only see the Re-send to ERP action button if the commitment was previously sent to the ERP Integrations tool and rejected for export by an accounting approver.
  • Additional Information:
    • If you have questions about what changes are needed to meet acceptance criteria, contact your company's accounting approver for more information about the rejection reason(s). 
    • A rejected commitment does not always have to be re-sent to the ERP Integrations tool. Under some circumstances, you might change the invoices status to 'Void'.  Contact your company's accounting approver for specific actions. 
    • When you re-send a commitment to the ERP Integrations tool, your company's designated accounting approver(s) will immediately receive an email notification to alert them. It will also be included on the "ERP Integrations Daily Summary" email notification. 
  • Additional requirements, limitations, or considerations may apply depending on the ERP system your account is integrated with. See Things to know about your ERP Integration for more information.


  1. To identify the rejected commitment:
    • Locate the 'ERP Commitment Rejection Notification' email in your Inbox. Review the 'Rejection Comments' and then click the View Online link.
    • Navigate to the Commitments tool and locate the rejected commitment in the 'Committed-Summary' list.
  2. Note: To view rejection comments, click the Change History subtab and look for the 'Rejected Message' line item. The rejection comments appear in the 'To' field. 

  3. Click Edit.
  4. Make adjustments as needed, and Save.
  5. Click Re-send to ERP.