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Document Management

 LImited Release (Beta)
The Document Management tool is currently in a Limited Release (Beta). It is not yet available for Procore accounts in the United States. For more information, please reach out to your Procore point of contact.

Procore's Document Management tool allows users to organize, access, collaborate, approve, and manage permissions for documents throughout the construction lifecycle. The tool includes:

  • A consistent and easy-to-use experience for accessing project files through a centralized file repository.
  • Streamlined metadata capture using machine learning, saving time and improving organization.
  • A single workflow experience for the review and approval of documents, speeding up processes like design reviews.
  • Granular and flexible document permission groups based on the metadata of each document (like its status, type, or discipline).
  • Management of information in accordance with international standards such as ISO 1965.

To see resources for the Document Management tool on Procore's mobile applications, see Document Management (iOS) and Document Management (Android).