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View My Open Items in the Portfolio Tool


To view your My Open Items list the company's Portfolio tool. 


The Portfolio tool includes a My Open Items list that shows all of the open items on your company's projects that require you complete an action. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Read Only' level permission or higher on the company's Portfolio tool.


  1. Navigate to your company's Portfolio tool.
    The Portfolio page appears. After you create a project, this page lists all the projects in your company's Procore account. 
  2. Click My Open Items.

    This reveals the My Open Items page, which contains a list of all the open items on your projects that require you to complete an action.

  3. Choose from these options:
    • To navigate to the project's Home page, click the Project Name link. 
    • To view the project item, click the Details link. 
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