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(Beta) Submit a New Invoice as an Invoice Contact for a Progress Billing

 Limited Release
flag-us.png The Progress Billings tool is only available to Procore customers in the United States who have implemented the Procore for Specialty Contractors point-of-view dictionary. To learn more, see (Limited Release) Owners & Specialty Contractors Point-of-View Dictionary Options


To submit a new subcontractor invoice as an invoice contact after accepting an 'Invite to Bill.' 


If you are the designated invoice contact for a purchase order or subcontract, the company you are performing work for creates a billing period to define the 'Billing Date' for submitting your invoice. After the billing period is created, the invoice administrator has the option to send you an email message with the subject line, "Project Name: User Name has invited you to bill." The invite is a courtesy reminder to help ensure that an invoice is created and submitted before the due date. 

Things to Consider


Step 1: Enter an Invoice Number

Step 2: Update the Schedule of Values

The Unit-Based accounting method requires you to enter a quantity and unit price for each line item on the SOV. With this method, Procore automatically calculates line item totals for you. 

An asterisk (*) in the list below indicates that you can edit the value of the SOV line item on your invoice. 
  • Quantity
    Shows the total number of units for the line item. 
  • Unit Price
    Shows the expense incurred for each unit for the line item. 
  • Value
    Shows the total dollar amount of the line item. This is the sum of the Unit Price + Quantity values. 
  • Previous Quantity
    Shows the total number of units invoiced in previous billing periods. 
  • Previous Value
    Shows the total dollar amount invoiced in previous billing periods.
  • Total Progress %.*
    Enter a percentage amount that reflects your total progress. Your entry must reflect the cumulative progress of any previous billing periods and the current billing period. 
  • New Quantity.*
    Enter a new quantity to reflect the quantity being billed this period on the new invoice. 
  • New Value.*
    Enter a new value to reflect the value of the line item being billed this period on the new invoice. 
  • Retainage Released.*
    Enter a dollar amount of retainage to be released this billing period. 
  • Total Retainage
    Shows the total dollar amount of retainage to be released for the line item. 


Step 3: Add Attachments

Step 4: Save as Draft or Send for Review

If you are ready to submit the invoice for review, you may do so now. If you want to submit the invoice at a later time, you have the option to save the invoice. Choose one (1) of these options:


  • If you are NOT ready to send the invoice, click Save as Draft. This sets the invoice's status to Draft. 
    If you want to email a copy of your invoice to others before submitting it for review, Procore recommends following the steps in Export a Subcontractor Invoice. You can then add your invoice as an attachment to a message using your company's email system. 
  • If you are ready to send the invoice, click Send. This automatically sets the invoice's status to Under Review.