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(Beta) Bidding: Custom Bid Forms and Bid Leveling

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Updated: May 19, 2022


New Bid Management Features

Procore is releasing two impactful bid management features for the Bidding tool: custom bid forms and bid leveling. See Create a Bid Form and Level Bids for a Bid Form.

See the sections below for more detail:

Create and Manage Custom Bid Forms

Bid forms make it easier to break down scope and cost information and help to standardize the responses that are being received from bidders. In addition, the use of bid forms allows for bid leveling on submitted bids.


  • This feature will be available for new projects or projects with no existing bid packages.
  • There can be multiple bid forms per bid package.
  • You can add additional sections to Base Bid and Alternates.
  • You can preview the bid form before sending it out.
  • All line items added to the Base Bid and Alternates sections will be sent to any bidders invited to the bid form.
  • Bidders will be able to add their own inclusions, exclusions, comments, and attachments to their bid submissions.
  • If you create a new company on the Bidders tab, the contact will be added to the project's Directory tool.


When creating a new bid form, you will be able to add line items and details to the 'Base Bid' and 'Alternates' sections on the Bid Form tab.


After filling out the necessary information, you can add bidders on the Bidders tab. See Find and Invite Bidders to a Bid Form.


Companies are pulled from the Company level Directory tool. If a company is not yet in the Directory tool, you can click Add Company on the Bidders tab to add them as a new contact.


When you are ready to invite the bidders to bid, you can click Invite from the drop-down menu or the 'Invite Outstanding Bidders' banner.


Level and Compare Submitted Bids

The Bid Leveling feature for bid forms in the Bidding tool will allow you to compare bids so that you can more easily choose who to award a contract to. See Level Bids for a Bid Form for more information.


  • You can level and compare bids after bids have submitted for a bid form.
  • You can configure columns (choose from 3 different row heights and show or hide columns), and export the bid leveling data to a CSV file.


To begin comparing bids, click the Bid Leveling tab for the relevant bid form.


Bids are shown side by side, with the submitted values aggregated. Depending on the amount of data and the size of your browser window, you may need to scroll to the right to view additional data.


Click Configure Columns to choose which columns you want to see and also adjust the size if needed.