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Add a New Contact to the Directory from the Bidding Tool

The content below describes functionality that is part of the new Bid Management Enhanced Experience. See About Bid Management Enhanced Experience.


To add a new contact to the Company level Directory in order to invite them to bid.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information:
    • Adding a company and contact through this process will only add them to the Company level Directory, not the Project level Directory.
    • Adding a contact through this process will not automatically send an invitation to bid email. The email will be sent when the invitation to bid email is sent. See Add Bidders to a Bid Form and Invite Bidders.



You can also add a new contact when you add a new company in the Bidding tool. See Add a New Company to the Directory from the Bidding Tool.
  1. Navigate to the project's Bidding tool.
  2. Open the bid package.
  3. Across from the bid form that you want to add a contact to, click the plus icon-plus-2.png icon and select Directory
    Tip!  You can access the same option by clicking Add Bidders on the 'Bidders' tab of a bid form. See Add Bidders to a Bid Form.
  4. Find the company that you want to add a new contact to.
  5. Click Add Contact in the 'Bid Contacts' column. 
    Note: If you want to add a new contact to a company that already has a bid contact, click the person icon-person.png icon and select Bid Recipients. From the Add Bid Recipients panel, click the Select Bid Recipients menu and click New Contact.  
  6. Enter the following information:
    • First Name: Enter a first name for the contact.  
    • Last Name: Enter a last name for the contact. 
    • Email Address: Enter an email address for the contact. 
    • Permission Template: Select a permission template to assign to the new contact, or choose Apply Permission Template Later
  7. When you are ready to add the contact to the Directory, click Save.