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Project Management

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Emails   View Tutorials

icon-video-h16.png  Configure Specifications

icon-video-h16.png  Upload Specifications
icon-video-h16.png  Specification Management

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icon-video-h16.png  Configure Drawings

icon-video-h16.png  Upload Drawings
icon-video-h16.png  Upload Drawing Revisions

icon-video-h16.png  View Drawings

icon-video-h16.png  Mark Up Drawings

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icon-video-h16.png  Configure RFI

icon-video-h16.png  Create an RFI

icon-video-h16.png  Close an RFI

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icon-video-h16.png  Import Submittals
icon-video-h16.png  Submittals Basic Navigation
icon-video-h16.png  Create a Submittals

icon-video-h16.png  Respond to a Submittal

icon-video-h16.png  Close, Revise, and Distribute a Submittal

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icon-video-h16.png  Configure Schedule

icon-video-h16.png  View Schedule

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icon-video-h16.png  Configure Meetings

icon-video-h16.png  View Meetings

icon-video-h16.png  Create Meetings

icon-video-h16.png  Meetings Mobile

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Bidding icon-video-h16.png  Create a Bid Package View Tutorials

icon-video-h16.png  Configure Photos

icon-video-h16.png  Manage Photos

icon-video-h16.png  Upload Photos

icon-video-h16.png  Photos Mobile

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Looking for more in-depth training?

The most efficient way to learn how to use each of the Project Management tools is by completing the self-paced Procore Certification: Project Manager (Project Management) course. It includes training videos, best practices, interactive workflow diagrams, recent changes, as well as quizzes to test your knowledge. Plus, you’ll earn a Procore Certification certificate upon successful course completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.



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