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Add a Person to the Company Directory


To add a person to the Company Directory. 


In Procore, a person is a record that can be created for both (1)  Procore Users and (2) Vendor/Company Contacts. 

  • A Procore User is a person who will be logging into your organization's Procore account so that they can add and enter information in your company's Procore account.
  • A Vendor/Company Contact is a person who will NOT be invited to log into your company's Procore account for the purpose of entering data in the Procore application (i.e., a subcontractor, supplier, vendor, or another contact for a third-party business entity). 

All people added to Procore are created the same way. The only difference between the two is whether or not you choose to invite a person to log into Procore. 

You can add people to your company's Procore account in two places: the Company level Directory tool or the Project level Directory tool (which automatically adds the person's record to the Company Directory). This article describes how to add a person to the Company Directory. To learn how to add a person to the Project Directory, see Add a Person to the Project Directory

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the company's Directory tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • When you add a new user to the Project Directory (see Add a Person to the Project Directory), that user is also automatically added to the Company Directory.
    • Any changes made to a user's profile in the Company Directory affects the user profile across all Project Directories.
    • A person can be invited (via their email address) to join more than one Procore organization (i.e, a company's Procore account) as a user. For example, if you are a subcontractor, your company might have its own Procore account (i.e., Concrete Contractors, LLC.). However, you might also be invited join your client's Procore organization (i.e., Procore General Contractors, Inc.)). 
    • A person who is not invited to join your Procore organization as a user is considered a 'contact.'
    • For each organization, a person can only have one (1) record in the Company Directory. However, that person can be invited to join multiple organizations. 
  • Minimum Required Fields:
    To add a person to the Company Directory, you will need to know the following information:
  • Limitations:
    • Once added the the Company Directory for your company's Procore account, users cannot be deleted. They can only be deactivated. See Deactivate a User


To add a person to the Company Directory, complete the tasks below:

Add a Person

  1. Navigate to the company's Directory tool.
    This reveals the Company Directory page. 
  2. In the right pane, click Add Person.
    This opens the 'Add a Person to <Company Name>' window. 
  3. In the Add a Person window, enter the following:

    • First Name. Enter the new user's first name. 
    • *Last Name. Enter the new user's surname. 
    • *Email Address. Enter the new user's email address. This will be the email that the person uses to log in to Procore. In order to add the record, the email address entry must use the proper format (e.g., 
    • *Permission Template. Select a permission template from the list. To learn about permission templates, see Manage Permission Templates.
  4. When you have entered data in all the required fields, click Create.
    This closes the 'Add a Person' window and takes you to the new user's 'Edit Contact Information' page.
  5. Continue with Update the Person's Company Information.

Update the Person's Company Information

  1. In the 'Company Information' area, start by typing the person's Company Name in the box and then:
    • If an appropriate match for your entry appears, the company already exists in Procore's Company Directory. You will want to select that company from the drop-down list (Note: Always verify that you are selecting the appropriate company match. The contact information for that company will automatically populate the Address, City, Country/State, ZIP, Business Phone, and Fax fields). 
    • If an appropriate match for your entry does not appear, you can manually enter that person's company information in the given fields. Adding a unique Company Name in this box will also add a new company record in Procore's Project and Company Directory tools.
      Important! When adding a new company to a project, it is recommended that you pay close attention to how existing vendor/company records are spelled across all your company's Procore projects (e.g., 'ABC Concrete' vs 'ABC Concrete LLC').  Any unique data entry for the Company Name can result in the presence of two (2) or more unique records for a single entity in the Company Directory. To learn more, see What happens if I have duplicate entries in the Procore Company Directory?). 
      Select a matching entry
      Or enter the company information
  2. If you need to remove all of the info in the 'Company Information' area, click Clear Company.
  3. Continue with Update the Person's Contact Information.

Update the Person's Contact Information

  1. In the 'Personal Information' area, verify that the following information is correct:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Initials
    • Email Address
  2. Choose from one of these options to enter the person's address:
    • If you want to populate the fields with the company address, click Use Company Address. You can then customize any of these fields with information specific to the person.
    • Enter information manually in the Address, City, Country/State, ZIP, Business Phone, and Business Fax fields. If the person has a telephone extension, enter that in the Ext field.
      Use company address
      Or enter the company address
  3. Enter the person's mobile number in the Cell Phone box.
  4. Enter the person's professional title in the Job Title box.
  5. If you want to make searching for the person in the Project Directory easier, enter any relevant keywords in the Tags/Keywords field. For example, if the person specializes in Best Value Source Selection (BVSS), you might want to enter the acronym BVSS. This is a free-text field, so you can create your own tag/keyword classification system to meet your organization's specific needs. See How do I use tags/keywords in Procore?

  6. Skip the Active? checkbox. This setting can only be changed in the Company Directory.
  7. From the Send this User Messages drop-down list, select Via Email or Not at All. 
  8. If the person is an employee of your organization, mark the Is Employee of <Your Company Name> box.
  9. If you want to designate this person as an insurance manger, place a mark in the Is an Insurance Manager of <Your Company Name> checkbox. See Designate an Insurance Manager for Your Procore Company.
  10. If you want to attach any licenses, photos, or other documentation relevant to that person, do the following:
    • Click Attach Files. Then attach the desired files to the new user's profile. 
    • Move any files from your computer to the GRAY Drag and Drop File(s) area.
  11. Continue with Update the Person's Company Level Permissions.

Update the Person's Company Level Permissions

  1. Scroll down to the permissions grid.
    This grid lists all the Company level Procore tools that are enabled for your company account. 
  2. For each tool, select the option button that corresponds to one of the default permission levels (see What are the different permission levels in Procore?). 
    Note: At a minimum, it is recommended that you grant all person's who will be invited to join your Procore organization with the 'Read Only' permission to the Portfolio tool. This is Procore's default setting. 
  3. Continue with Add the Person to the Company Distribution Groups.

Add the Person to the Company Distribution Groups

  1. If your Company Directory contains any distribution groups, mark the desired checkboxes.
  2. If no checkboxes appear, distribution groups have not been created. See Add a Distribution Group to the Company Directory
  3. Continue with Update the Person's New Project Settings.

Update the Person's New Project Settings

  1. Scroll to the 'New Project Settings' area. 
  2. If you want to select a default permission template for the user, click Select Default Template
    Note: To learn more about permission templates, see Manage Permission Templates
  3. If you want to add the user to all new projects created in your company's Procore account, mark the Add <User Name> to All New Projects checkbox. 
  4. If you want to allow the user to create new projects, mark the Allow <User Name> to Create New Projects checkbox. 
  5. Continue with Update the Person's Current Project Settings.

Update the Person's Current Project Settings

If you want to add the person to one or more existing projects:

  1. Scroll to the 'Projects <User Name> Does Not Belong To' list. 
  2. Locate the desired project in the list. 
  3. Click Add
    This moves the users name to the 'Current Project Settings' list. It also adds the person as a user in the corresponding Project Directory. If you want to change the permission template for that specific project, see Change a Project User's Permission Template.
    Note: To learn more about permission templates, see Manage Permission Templates
  4. Continue with Save the Person's Record.

Save the Person's Record

When you save a person's record, you can choose to send the person an invite/notification to log into Procore as a user or you can simply save that person's contact information in the Directory tool. 

Save and Send the User an Invite/Notification
  • If this is a new user and you want want to invite the person to join to Procore, click Save and Send Invitation to Procore (Note: This button is only available when the user has not previously logged into Procore. It also sends the person an email notification to join your company's Procore organization as a user).
  • If you have updated an existing user and want to notify him or her of the change, click Save & Send Notification (Note: This button is only available when the user has previously logged into Procore. It sends an email notification to the person's email address). 
Save the Person as a Contact
  • If this is a contact and you simply save the person's record in your system, click Save. The system will NOT send an invite or email notification to the person. However, that person's name will be available in the Procore app should your users need to select that person's name for record-keeping purposes in Procore. If you would like the person to join your Procore organization as a user at a later time, see Invite or Reinvite a Person to Procore.
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