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Export a Procore Budget to Viewpoint Vista


To export a budget from Procore to your company's integrated ERP system


The workflow for creating, accepting, and exporting a Procore budget into an integrated ERP system includes these tasks:

  1. A project manager performs these tasks:
    • Creates the project budget using the Budget tool.
    • Locks the project's budget.
    • Sends the budget to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance by an accounting approver. 
  2. An accounting approver (see What is the accounting approver role?) performs these tasks:
    • Reviews the budget in the ERP Integrations tool.
    • Submits one (1) of these responses to the budget using the ERP Integrations tool:
      • Accept. Accepts the budget data and exports it from Procore. 
      • Reject. Rejects the budget and returns it to the Budget tool in an editable state. The data can then be corrected in the Budget tool and then re-sent to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance by an accounting approver.

Things to Consider


Budget Setup Workflow

If you are setting up the budget on a Procore + Viewpoint Vista project for the first time, use the workflow below as a guideline. 

  • Important! When setting up a new project in Procore, you must always create the budget in one system and then export it to the other system. You cannot create a budget in both systems and then sync those budgets at a later time. 
  • Important! The Import a Budget (CSV) step is not currently supported with the Procore + Viewpoint Vista integration.



Budget Update Workflow

If you need to update a budget in Procore after exporting it to Viewpoint Vista, use the workflow below as a guideline. 



  1. A project manager ( or user with 'Admin' permission on the Budget tool) will:
  2. An accounting approver will accept the budget (see Accept or Reject a Budget for Export to Viewpoint Vista). Once accepted, the system exports the budget data from Procore and syncs it to your Viewpoint Vista system. 
  3. When the export is successful, go to the JC Job Phase for in Viewpoint Vista to review the Original Estimate. See your Viewpoint Vista Help system for instructions.
    After you sync the budget for the first time, you can also sync an updated Procore budget to Viewpoint Vista:

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