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Add Daily Log Entries as a Collaborator


To add a daily log entry as an external collaborator on a project's Daily Log tool.


You are an external collaborator (here, referred to as "collaborator") on a project's Daily Log tool in Procore. You will submit your daily log entries to the project team's Daily Log 'Admin' user for approval.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:

  • Additional Information:

    • Collaborators can only enter their own company or users from their company.

    • Collaborators can only see logs that have been configured for collaborator Daily Logs.

    • Collaborators can only see entries within logs that they have submitted.
    • Collaborators can edit or delete pending logs that they have created. Once your entries are approved, you cannot edit your logs any more.

Next Step

  1. Have the Daily Log Admin user Approve Collaborator-submitted Daily Log Entries


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