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Add Invoice Contacts to a Commitment


To add your subcontractor's invoice contacts to a commitment contract.


An invoice is a bill that a service provider sends to a buyer to get paid. After receiving an invoice, a buyer typically reviews the invoice and if it is accurate and acceptable, the buyers pays it. 

On a construction project, service providers are contractors who provide labor and materials to their clients. For example, if you are a general contractor, you would be considered a service provider by the project's owner. However, you might also be buying labor and materials from numerous service providers of your own who send you invoices to pay. For example, all the subcontractors and specialty contractors working on your project. 

When you create a commitment for the job in Procore (see Create a Purchase Order or Create a Subcontract), you can designate one or more invoice contact(s) for each commitment. An invoice contact is the person who responsible for ensuring that an invoice is submitted to a buyer for payment. Typically, this will be a n employee of the service provider from which your team is purchasing labor or materials. 

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the project's Invoicing tool.
  2. Under the Subcontractor tab, click the link in the Commitment column on the appropriate line item to select the contract that you want to add invoice contacts to.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Make sure the appropriate company is selected in the Contact Company drop-down list. 
  5. Select one or more users from the contract company from Invoice Contacts drop-down list.

    To select an invoice contact from the 'Invoice Contacts' list, the following must be true:

    The invoice contact(s) that you designate here will be:

    • Recipient(s) of the email invitations that you send. See Send Subcontractor Invoice Invitations.
    • Recipient(s) of any automated email reminders sent by Procore about the subcontractor invoice. Messages are sent when:
      • An invoice's or SSOV's status is updated to 'Revise & Resubmit.' 
      • A user with 'Admin' permission on the commitment clicks the 'Create & Email' or 'Save & Email' button on the General tab of the commitment. 
      • The  'Notify Subcontractors When Invoices Are Approved' setting is enabled in Invoicing Settings. See Configure Settings: Invoicing.
    • Automatically added to the 'Private' drop-down list on the commitment.
    • Automatically provided with permission to edit the Subcontractor Schedule of Values (SSOV).  
  6. Click Save.

See Also 

If you would like to learn more about Procore’s invoice management software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction invoice management software product page here.