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About Subcontractor Invoices

About Subcontractor Invoices

Subcontractor invoices allow subcontractors to progressively bill at several stages during the construction process, and these billings are based on a verified percentage of that commitment's completion. General contractors can configure billing period start and end dates, as well as the billing date, for each billing period. They can invite subcontractors to complete invoices for the most recent billing period, or they can create invoices on behalf of the subcontractor. Once the invoice has been approved, payment can be issued against the commitment. 

Recommended Workflow for GCs

req-invoicecontacts.pngStart a New Billing Period Create a Requisition on Behalf of a Subcontractor Create a Requisition on Behalf of a Subcontractor Create Requisition Invoice Contacts Create Requisition Invoice Contacts Send Requisition Emails Submit a Requisition as a Subcontractor


Workflow Details

  1. Configure the advanced workflow in the Commitments tool to set up monthly billing periods and billing dates. You can also enable reminder emails for invoice invitations. See Configure Advanced Settings: Commitments
  2. Create a billing distribution for invoices for each commitment so you can select who you want to receive invoice invitations. See Create Invoice Contacts.
  3. Create a billing period to send invoices out for. See Start a New Billing Period.
  4. Send Invoice invitations to the billing distribution. See Send Subcontractor Invoice Invitations.
  5. Subcontractors who were invited to create invoices can do so by clicking the link in their invitation email. To edit their invoice, or create on their behalf, see Create an Invoice on Behalf of a Subcontractor.

Note: For users with the Procore + QuickBooks® integration, you can also export subcontractor invoices. See Export Subcontractor Invoices from Procore to QuickBooks®.

Training Videos

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