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View a Budget View on a Project


To view a custom configured Budget view on the project level. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Read-only' level permissions or above on the Budget tool.
  • Additional views can be set up. See "Set up a New Budget View" in the See Also section below.


  1. Navigate to the project's Budget tool.
  2. Select a budget view you would like to apply to your project's financial information from the drop-down menu. You then have the following options:
    • Group the Budget: Select a group to further define the view of the budget. Groups are multi-level, so you can select multiple to categorize your data by. Grouping is sticky per view, per user, per project. You can only group the budget view from the project level. You can also choose to have no groups on your budget by deselecting each group in the drop-down. You can also remove any groups by clicking the x button in the Group text field. You can group the view to show the Procore default view, by selecting Sub Job, Division, and Cost Code from the drop-down menu or by clicking Reset from the drop-down menu.
      Note: The Sub Job group will show up even if the sub jobs are not used in the project. If sub jobs are not used on the project, you can remove the sub job grouping. 

    • Filter the Budget: Select filters to narrow down the results in the current view. These filters can be combined and applied with each other to narrow down results. Filters are stick per view per user, per project. You can choose from the following filters:
      • Budget Row Type. See "Add a Partial Budget Line Item" in the See Also section below for more information on the Budget Row Type filter.
      • Sub Job. The Sub Job filter will show up even if sub jobs are not used in the project.
      • Division
      • Cost Code
      • Category
      • Actual Cost Through. Direct Costs, Subcontractor Invoices, Forecasted Monitored Resources, and columns with these sources are filtered by the selected date. 
        Note: The Direct Costs date is pulled from the item date, and the subcontractor invoices date is pulled from the item's billing date. 
    • Summarization: By clicking the arrows, you can expand and collapse the Budget View to show differing levels of data. For example, you can expand to view Division, Cost Code or Category level information depending on what Grouping options you selected. In order to expand all, click the arrow next to "Description" in the top row. 
    • Export to CSV and CSV: Click Export CSV or PDF in the top-right corner to generate a CSV or PDF document. The CSV and PDF will include the entire budget, and any applied filters. Note: The CSV of the budget will not apply any grouping or summarization, but the PDF will.
    • Detailed Drill-Ins: For dollar values in a blue font, you can click the number to open up a window that provides details of where the money is coming from. 
    • Fullscreen: Click the fullscreen button to view the budget in full screen mode.
    • Tool Tips: To view details on how the value in each column is calculated, or what the tool source and filters for that column are, hover over the column title.

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