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Procore Analytics

Review Your Company's Procore data in 100+ Reports with Procore Analytics

Procore Analytics reports integrate your company's Procore data using Power BI, providing you with deep insights on various statistics and trends within and across your Procore projects. With over 100 dashboards and reports and the ability to create custom reports, Procore Analytics can transform your data into a meaningful and actionable format that will help turn your company into a data-driven organization. Procore Analytics includes Procore Data Extract, which integrates your Procore data into a ready-to-use Microsoft Azure SQL database.


  • View detailed reports in Power BI Desktop, the Power BI service, or within the Procore web application using the Procore Analytics Embedded app.
  • Create custom reports to collect and highlight the data from your company's Procore account that matters most to key stakeholders at your organization.