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Which Procore tools are used in which Procore Analytics reports?

Here is a list of the Procore Analytics reports (which each include numerous report pages) and the Procore tools that are used in each report:

  • Core Report
    • Admin
    • Directory
  • Daily Logs Report
    • Daily Log
  • Design Coordination Report
    • Coordination Issues
  • Field Productivity Report
    • Reports
    • Timesheets
  • Financials Report
    • Direct Costs
    • Commitments
    • Change Orders
    • Prime Contracts
  • Financials Budget Report
    • Budget
    • Change Events
  • Project Management Report
    • Directory (Project level)
    • Drawings
    • Meetings
    • Photos
    • Punch List
    • RFIs
    • Schedule (Project level)
    • Submittals
  • Quality & Safety Report
    • Forms
    • Incidents
    • Inspections
    • Observations
    • Punch List
How do I get started?

Reach out to your company's Procore point of contact or the Procore Analytics Support team at for more information about getting started with Procore Analytics.

What are the main differences between viewing Procore Analytics reports in the embedded app and viewing the reports in the Power BI service?

One main difference in using the Procore Analytics Embedded app is that reports are connected to projects individually and are not grouped together in a portfolio location. Another difference is that editing capabilities from the Power BI service are not supported in the Procore Analytics Embedded app.