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View Procore Analytics Reports in the Power BI Service


To view Procore Analytics reports in the Power BI Service.


  1. Log in to the Power BI service at using your Power BI login credentials.
  2. Click Workspaces and select the workspace with the Procore Analytics report you want to view.
  3. Click on the report you want to view. Each report is comprised of various report pages that showcase different metrics across your company's Procore data.
    Reference the 'Type' column to ensure you click on the report instead of a different asset.
    • Core Report. See Core Report for previews of these report pages.
    • Daily Logs Report.
    • Design Coordination Report.
    • Field Productivity Report.
    • Financials Report.
    • Financials Budget Report.
    • Project Management Report. See Project Management Report for previews of these report pages.
    • Quality & Safety Report.