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Update the Financials Budget Report Parameters


To update the parameters for the Procore Analytics Financials Budget Report using Power BI. 


This tutorial shows you how to update the parameters in Procore Analytics Financials Budget Report using Power BI.


  1. Download a copy of your Financials Budget Report using one of these options:
  2. Open the file in the Microsoft Power BI Desktop application. 
  3. Click Transform Data and choose Edit Parameters

  4. In the Edit Parameters page, do the following:
    • ReportName. Keep the report name specified the download file. For example: Procore Financials Budget
    • Release Version. Keep the version number specified with the downloaded file. 
    • Budget View Name. Type the name of your company's budget view in this box.

      Procore's default budget view is the 'Procore Standard Budget View.' See About the Procore Standard Budget View. Keep in mind that the budget views and columns in your specific budget view may be different. 

    • Forecast View Name. Type the name of your company's forecasting view in this box. 
      Procore's default forecasting view is the 'Procore Standard Forecast View.' This is an optional feature that can be turned ON/OFF in Procore projects. To learn more, see About the Procore Standard Forecast View
  5. Click Transform Data.

  6. In the Queries panel, click the Budget table. 
    • The steps below illustrate changes on the Budget table. However, you must perform these steps on both the Budget and Budget2 queries. 
    • If your company's projects are using optional Advanced Forecasting feature, you must also perform these steps on the Procore Standard Forecast View. See About the Procore Standard Forecast View

  7. In the Query Settings pane, under Applied Steps, click the gear icon next to Expanded infoJSon

  8. In the Expand infoJson page, you have these options:
  9. In the Query Settings pane, under Applied Steps, click the X to remove Changed Type.

  10. Scroll through all of the columns and ensure select the correct data type. 
    How do you set the data type on a column? Click the button next to each column header as shown below. 
  11. After updating all the appropriate columns and setting the data type, click Close & Apply

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