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Configure Advanced Settings: Punch List


To configure advanced settings for the Punch List tool.


If you're a Project Administrator, you may find it useful to customize a project's punch list options by using the Punch List's advanced configuration settings. For example, you can control who will be notified of assignee's responses, and who will be defaulted to see punch list items.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's Punch List tool.
  • Any changes to the punch list settings will be made project-wide. This means that any changes will affect how the Punch List tool is used by other users in your project. 


  1. Navigate to the project's Punch List tool.
  2. Click Configure settings  icon.
  3. From here, there are two tabs to help you configure your advanced settings.

Punch List Settings ​


  • Default Distribution: Select people from your directory to be included in your default distribution for all punch list items. When you are a creating a punch list item, these people will automatically be added to be notified of the item.
  • Notify Assignees of Assignee Responses: Check this box to have assignees notified by email when other assignees respond to a punch list item. This box is selected by defaulted. 
  • Notify Distribution Members of Assignee Responses: Check this box to have members on the distribution list notified by email when an assignee responds to a punch list item. This box is selected by default.
  • Notify Creator of Assignee Responses: Check this box to have the creator of the punch list item notified by email when an assignee responds to a punch list item. This box is selected by defeault.
  • Enable Email Reminders For Overdue Punch Items: Check this box to have email reminders sent to assignees for overdue punch list items.
  • Punch List Items Private By Default: Check this box to make punch list items private by default, so only those with 'Admin' level permissions on the Punch List tool and those included on the punch list item can view the punch list item. This box is unselected by default.
  • Punch Item Response Will Be Due: Enter a number to signify how many days after the punch list item's creation it will be due. The date will then be automatically populated in the "Due Date" field when creating a punch list item, but you will be able to change the date.

Punch Item Types

You may want to create punch item types to categorize items by different areas or divisions. In Procore, you can create different types of punch list items to categorize them upon creation. Enter a title for a punch list item type and click the +Add button. Once a punch item type has been created, it will appear as a selectable option when creating a new punch item. Users who are creating new punch items will not be able to create a punch item type on-demand. Therefore, it's recommended that you define all punch item types before any punch items are created in a project. 

Punch List Templates

Procore and/or your Company Administrator has populated your project with default punch list templates. At the Project level, you are able to set default assignees to templates created at the Company level as well as deactivate any punch list items that do not apply to this specific project. Company level punch item templates are denoted by a key icon.


  1. Create a Project Level Punch Item Template
  2. Deactivate a Punch Item Template on a Project
  3. Delete a Punch Item Template from a Project

Permissions Table

  1. Click the Permissions Table sub tab in the right sidebar.
  2. Set each user's permission for the Punch List tool according to your preferences.  
    • User Permissions - check.png Access
    • User Permissions - x.png No Access
  3. For a list of what users can do at each permission level in Punch List, see the Permissions Matrix.
  4. In the example screenshot below, the user has 'Standard' level permissions.




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