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The following table highlights which user permissions are required to perform the described user action.

Task None Read-only Standard 1 Admin
Associate a Model with a Procore Project       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Delete a Model       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Download the Procore Plug-In for the Models Tool   icon_checkmark_h17.png   icon_checkmark_h17.png
Edit a Model       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Publish a Model to Procore       icon_checkmark_h17.png2
Reassociate a Model with a Procore Project       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Search for and Sort Models   icon_checkmark_h17.png   icon_checkmark_h17.png
View Information for a Model   icon_checkmark_h17.png   icon_checkmark_h17.png
View the Change History of a Model       icon_checkmark_h17.png

 1  'Standard' permission does not exist for the Models tool.

 2  Users will need 'Read-only' or higher permissions to the Drawings tool to map a 2D sheet to a model.


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