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Apply a Project Template to a New Project


To apply a project template to a new project.


Procore makes it easy to set up new projects within your company by applying preferences, file structures, and more from a previous project to a new project upon its creation. Project templates are the best way to ensure that any new project is created in your Procore account using a default set of configurations.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • You must either a be a project level 'Admin' level user, or you must have 'Admin' level permissions on your company level Directory tab.
  • Additional Information:
    • You may have an unlimited amount of project templates, but you must contact your Procore point of contact to make a given project in your portfolio act as a project template.
    • After your Procore point of contact enables the project template functionality, Company level 'Admins' can select a template to use on their new project.
    • Templates can be changed at any time, but those changes are not retroactive. If a project was created from a template, and that template is later changed, the project will maintain the original configurations and folder structure from the time the project was created.
    • You cannot apply a template to a project after a project's creation, even if there was no project template available when it was created.
    • You cannot switch a project's template after creation. 
  • If your company has enabled the ERP Integrations tool:


  1. Complete the steps in Configure a Project Template
  2. Contact your Procore point of contact to request to have an existing project enabed as a project template.
  3. Navigate to the company's Portfolio tool.
    This reveals the Portfolio page.
  4. Click Add New Project.

  5. Choose which company you would like to pull configurations from. (Note: You have unlimited amounts of project templates to choose from, but you must contact your Procore point of contact to activate each of the projects you would like to use as a project template.)

    project template.png
  6. Click Continue.
    The system reveals the Create New Project page. To learn about your options when creating a project, see Add a New Project. To learn about the items that carry over from the project template to your new project, see Configure a Project Template
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