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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Bid Board tool. 
Note: See Estimating Release Notes for related release notes.


Recent Changes

Email Notifications For Assignees in the Bid Board Tool (12/14/2022)

Emails are now sent to a user if they are assigned as 'Estimator' for a project, assigned to a task, or are mentioned in a note. See Add a Project to the Bid Board, Add or Manage Tasks in a Bid Board Project, and Add or Manage Notes in a Bid Board Project.

Granular Permissions Now Available for the Bid Board Tool (11/22/2022)

There are now five Bid Board granular permissions that can be configured for Company level permission templates within the Permissions tool. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Company Permissions Template. This allows more flexibility between 'Read Only' and 'Standard' permission levels.
Note: The only granular permission available to configure for 'Standard' level permissions is 'Can Access Projects for All Users', while all other permissions can be configured for 'Read Only' level permissions.

Select a Project Template When Adding a Project to the Portfolio (10/19/2022)

A 'Project Template' menu has been added to the Add to Portfolio functionality in the Bid Board tool that allows you to select from existing project templates to apply to a new project. See Add a Bid Board Project to the Portfolio Tool.

Additional Colors Added for Labeling Project Stages (09/26/2022)

There are now 16 colors to chose from for labeling project stages in the Bid Board tool. Colors can be selected in the Rename Project Stages area of the tool. See Edit Project Stages on the Bid Board.

Bid Board Tool Now Available in Procore (09/21/2022)

A new Company level 'Bid Board' tool is now available in Procore for accounts with the Estimating product. This tool allows you and your team to view and manage all bids that you've been invited to and complete the takeoff and estimating process- all from one tool in Procore. See Bid Board.