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Bid Board - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Bid Board tool (also known as the Portfolio Planning tool in some accounts). 
Note: See Estimating Release Notes for related release notes.


Recent Changes

Subparts Displayed when Exporting an Estimate to Excel (02/23/2024)

When exporting an estimate to excel, you can now see subparts in assemblies. With this update, the cost of the subparts show within the assembly, but the line item for the full assembly is $0. If an assembly price is overridden, the assembly price is shown, but the subparts show as $0. This is so the calculations remain accurate and information is not double-counted. In the future, you will be able to see the prices for both parts and assemblies in the export. See Export an Estimate.

Regional Display for Date and Time (01/16/2024)

The date and time fields in the Estimating tool now reflect the regional format of the language in your user profile's settings. To change the language of your user profile, see Change Your Account Language in 'My Profile Settings'.


ERP Cost Codes can now be added to the Cost Catalog for ERP-integrated companies. When using the Cost Catalog, you ERP codes can be applied across all projects using the Estimating, Bid Board, and Portfolio Planning tools. These cost codes are also added to your budget when you send an estimate to the budget, providing consistency across your workflow. See Add Items to a Cost Catalog.

View Cover and Appendix Pages for Bid Proposals (11/30/2023)

When looking at a bid proposal on the bid tab, you can preview the cover page or appendix page by clicking the open in new tab icon-open-in-new-tab.png icon. See Generate a Bid Proposal.

Edit Cost Item Description In Line (11/27/2023)

Users with the Enhanced Estimating Layout can now edit the description for cost items in line on the Estimating tab. Previously, you needed to click the ellipsis and edit the item. See Edit an Estimate.

Bulk Reset Estimate Quantities (11/20/2023)

If you made changes to quantities in your estimate but want to reset them to the original takeoff quantities, you can now take bulk actions to reset multiple line items at once. See Edit an Estimate.

Move Takeoff Layers to a New Group (11/16/2023)

You can move takeoff layers to a new group. See Manage Takeoffs.

Updated Cost Code and Cost Type Settings (11/14/2023)

Cost codes and cost types can now be configured for the Bid Board and Portfolio Planning tools with the same settings that are available when sending an estimate to the budget in the project's Estimating tool. These settings are applied by default to all projects to provide more consistency. You can still override budget codes as needed in the project's Estimating tab. See Configure Bid Board Settings.

New Search Functionality in Filters (11/09/2023)

When using filters on the Bid Board and Portfolio Planning tools, you can now type into the filter field to easily find the option you want to filter by. See Search for and Filter Projects on the Bid Board.

Permanently Delete Projects (11/09/2023)

You can now permanently delete projects on the Bid Board and Portfolio Planning tools at any time. Previously, deleted projects would be archived for 30 days before they were deleted permanently. See Delete a Project in the Bid Board.

New Bulk Takeoff Actions (11/08/2023)

Procore has updated the bulk functions to expand or collapse takeoff groups, and to show and hide takeoff layers. Additionally, you can now bulk delete takeoff layers. See Manage Takeoffs.

ERP Cost Codes added to bid board tool (10/10/2023)

ERP cost codes are now available for use in the Bid Board and Porftolio Planning tools when adding estimates. This new feature applies to all ERP connectors. See Add an Estimate.


The Bid Board and Porftolio Planning tools have been revised to make the language more accessible for the owner audience. When applied to your company's Procore account, the owner point-of-view dictionary changes the labels and names of particular tools and objects in the user interface. For example, owners will now see Portfolio Planning as the tool name instead of Bid Board. See What tool names and terms are different in Procore for general contractors, owners, and specialty contractors?

set and apply project templates in the bid board tool (02/08/2023) 

You can now set multiple projects as templates and apply them to other projects within the Bid Board and Portfolio Planning tools. See Apply a Template in the Bid Board Tool and Set a Bid Board Project as a Template.

change column from 'requested bid item' to 'cost code' IN THE BID BOARD TOOL (02/06/2023) 

A ‘Requested Bid Item’ column has been added for estimates in the Bid Board and Portfolio Planning tools. See Add an Estimate. After a project has been added to the Portfolio tool in Procore, you can switch the column name from ‘Requested Bid Item’ to ‘Cost Code’ to select your own cost codes.