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Edit a Bid Proposal with the Proposal Builder


To add information or edit the look and feel of a proposal using the Proposal Builder.


After you have finished your takeoffs and estimate, you can use the information in your estimate to create a proposal. You can decide what estimate information to include in the proposal as well as the level of granularity. By default, your proposal will be generated by the Procore default template. You can turn on the Proposal Builder to apply a custom proposal template, edit the look and feel for your proposal, or add information that is not already included from your estimate.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions for the Bid Board tool.
  • Required User Permissions for the Estimating tool.
  • Required User Permissions for the Portfolio Planning tool.
  • The toggle for the proposal builder needs to be turned toggle ON icon-blue-toggle-on-esticom.png  to see and use custom proposal templates.
  • To get an export of your customized proposal, you will need to export with proposal builder toggle ON icon-blue-toggle-on-esticom.png.
  • If you make changes to the toggles while the proposal builder is on, you need to click Refresh to see those changes reflected in the proposal.
  • Red bordered elements show user changes in bid data. Click the Refresh button to revert all user changes.
  • Images cannot be inserted.
  • For consistency, you can Create and Edit Bid Proposal Templates.


  1. Navigate to the Bid Board or Portfolio Planning tool and select the project.
    Navigate to the project's Estimating tool.
  2. Click the Bid tab.
  3. Under detail settings, click the toggle ON icon-blue-toggle-on-esticom.png or icon-toggle-off-esticom.png OFF to select what information you want to include in the proposal.
  4. Click the Proposal Builder toggle ON icon-blue-toggle-on-esticom.png position to edit information directly in the proposal.
    The Proposal Builder works like other document drafting software.
    • Style and Formatting
      1. Highlight words or move your cursor to where you want to make changes.
      2. Use the first two toolbars to change font size and formatting, or add tables or images.
    • Add Company, Project, Customer, or Estimate Information

      You can dynamically pull in information that already exists in your Estimate or other places in Procore like your Directory, or Company and Project settings.

      These options are organized by where you would most likely include the information, in the Header, Content, or Summary sections. However, you can insert this information anywhere in your proposal.

      1. Move the cursor to the location where you want to show the information.
      2. Select Header, Content, or Summary and select the information you want to display.
        Note: Placeholder boxes appear if the fields are empty in your settings. You can either type the information in directly to the proposal, or update your settings information so it displays dynamically. If left blank, the fields are hidden from the final proposal.
    • Add Custom Text
      • Move your cursor to the desired location and type the information you want to include.

Next Steps