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Manage Takeoffs

 For Procore customers in the United States

flag-us.png  When your company applies the 'Owners English' or 'Specialty Contractors English' point-of-view dictionary, you'll see different tool names and term changes in the user interface. Learn how to apply the dictionary options. 

  • To learn the differences: Show/Hide      
    • This table shows the differences in tool names (bold) and terms across the point-of-view dictionaries for Construction Takeoff and Estimating. These dictionaries are available in US English only. The default dictionary is designed for general contractors, which means that you will need to work with your Procore Administrator at your company and your Procore point of contact to access the other dictionary options. 

      General Contractors

      English (United States) - Default


      English (Owner Terminology V2)

      Specialty Contractors

      English (Specialty Contractor Terminology)

      Bid Board Portfolio Planning Bid Board
      Due Date LOI Expiration Date Due Date
      Estimator Developer Agent Estimator
      Name Opportunity Name Name
      Total Sales Feasibility Cost Total Sales


To manage takeoffs for a project in the Bid Board or Estimating tool.


On the takeoff tab, you can manage a wide variety of takeoffs for different trades. To make your work easier and more efficient, you can copy takeoff layers, lock and unlock layers, hide and show layers, move layers, and more.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions for the Bid Board tool.
  • Required User Permissions for the Estimating tool.
  • To see steps for all takeoff types, see Add Takeoffs.
  • Deleting a takeoff layer is permanent and cannot be retrieved.
  • Splitting takeoffs by drawing sheet is permanent and cannot be undone.
  • Premium features with the star icon-premium-feature-star.png icon are only available for paid Procore customer accounts.


  1. Navigate to the project's Estimating tool.
    Navigate to the company's Bid Board tool and select a project.
  2. Click the Takeoffs tab.

Copy a Takeoff Layer

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis icon-ellipsis-vertical.pngnext to the takeoff layer you want to copy.
  2. Click Copy.
  3. Select one of the following:
    • Duplicate the Layer Only.
    • Duplicate the Layer with Objects.

Delete a Takeoff Layer

To delete a single takeoff layer, follow these steps:

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis icon-ellipsis-vertical.pngnext to the takeoff layer you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete icon-delete-trash-android.svg icon.
  3. Click Delete to confirm.

To bulk delete takeoff layers, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the checkboxes for the takeoff layers you want to delete.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Delete and select one of the following options:
    • Delete Items and Groups
    • Delete Items Only
  4. Click Delete to confirm.

Lock and Unlock Takeoff Layers

When creating takeoff layers, you can lock layers that you have finished or are not using. When locked, you cannot create or edit measurements for the takeoff layer. This allows you to indicate which measurements are complete and prevents accidentally moving measurements in different layers when working on the same drawing. You can unlock layers to make changes at any time.

  1. Hover over the takeoff layer you want to lock or unlock or click the vertical ellipsis icon-ellipsis-vertical.png.
  2. Click the open lock icon-unlock.png icon to lock layer.
    Click the closed lock icon-lock.png icon to unlock the layer.

Move Takeoff Layers to a New Group

  1. Mark the checkboxes for the takeoff layers you want to move.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Move To.
  4. Select one of the following:
    • Move to New Group.
      Note: Click on the new group title to rename the group.
    • Move to Existing Group, then select the group.

Show or Hide Takeoff Layers

You can hide or show takeoff layers to isolate the components you want to work on.

  1. Next to the takeoff layer you want to show or hide, take one of the following actions:
    • Click the show icon-eye-show.png icon to change the takeoff layer from shown to hidden. 
    • Click the hidden icon-eye-hide.png icon to change the takeoff layer from hidden to shown.

Note: To hide or show all takeoff layers, click the topmost show icon-eye-show.png  and hidden icon-eye-hide.png icons.

Split Takeoff Layer by Drawing

If a takeoff has counts and measurements from multiple drawings and you want to split the takeoffs by each drawing, follow these steps.

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis icon-ellipsis-vertical.pngnext to the takeoff layer you want to split.
  2. Click Split.
  3. Click Confirm.


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