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Add Takeoffs

 For Procore customers in the United States

flag-us.png  When your company applies the 'Owners English' or 'Specialty Contractors English' point-of-view dictionary, you'll see different tool names and term changes in the user interface. Learn how to apply the dictionary options. 

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    • This table shows the differences in tool names (bold) and terms across the point-of-view dictionaries for Construction Takeoff and Estimating. These dictionaries are available in US English only. The default dictionary is designed for general contractors, which means that you will need to work with your Procore Administrator at your company and your Procore point of contact to access the other dictionary options. 

      General Contractors

      English (United States) - Default


      English (Owner Terminology V2)

      Specialty Contractors

      English (Specialty Contractor Terminology)

      Bid Board Portfolio Planning Bid Board
      Due Date LOI Expiration Date Due Date
      Estimator Developer Agent Estimator
      Name Opportunity Name Name
      Total Sales Feasibility Cost Total Sales


To add takeoffs for a project in Procore's Bid Board or Estimating tool.


A takeoff extracts quantities from a drawing or model and associates with items in your cost catalog to create estimates. Using the Takeoffs tab in Procore's Estimating or Bid Board tool, you can add and manage a wide variety of takeoffs for different trades. 

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  1. Navigate to the project's Estimating tool.
    Navigate to the company's Bid Board tool and select a project.
  2. Click the Takeoffs tab.
  3. Click Create New Takeoff Layer.
  4. Enter a material name, or click Browse Catalog to select an item from the material Cost Catalog.
    Note: If you select a material from the catalog, always check to make sure that it matches the client’s specification and unit prices.
  5. Select a Measurement Type.
  6. Select Unit of Measurement, Color, Symbol, and Line Width as necessary for your measurement.
  7. Click Create to initiate 'Drawing Mode'. Then follow the steps below for the relevant takeoff:
    • Count Measurements
      1. Run Auto Count to count similar symbols using Procore advanced symbol recognition feature.
      2. On the drawing, click each symbol to manually count it in your takeoff.
    • Linear or Count by Distance Takeoffs
      1. On the drawing, point and click the cursor at the starting point of the measurement and repeat it by segment until you reach the endpoint of the linear measurement.
        Note: Add multiple points or segments to accommodate the preferred linear measurement.
        • To delete a segment, press the BACKSPACE or DELETE key on your keyboard. To delete the entire line placement, press the ESC key on your keyboard.
      2. A linear measurement will appear:
        • Double-click to complete the measurement.
          The measured distance value will appear under the takeoff name.
    • Area or Volume Takeoffs
      1. Run Auto Area Takeoff to automatically detect areas in a floor plan.
      2. To manually measure, click the starting point of the area followed by different points to cover the area that you want to measure on the drawing.
        • To delete a point, press the BACKSPACE or DELETE key on your keyboard. Delete multiple points by pressing the BACKSPACE key one point at a time. To delete the entire measured area, press the ESC key on your keyboard.
      3. Double-click to complete the measurement. The selected area will be highlighted by the selected color, and the measured area will appear under the takeoff name.
      4. Optional: You can add additional parameters for the takeoff to add more detail for the set on the estimate.
        1. In the list of takeoffs, click the vertical ellipsis icon-ellipsis-vertical.png icon for the takeoff you are working on.
        2. Click Additional Parameters.
        3. Click the toggle icon-toggle-on.png ON for a parameter that you want to add details for.
        4. Enter information as necessary.
        5. Click Close