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Assign a Budget Code from an Estimate in the Estimating Tool


To assign a budget code to an estimate group or line item using the ‘Create Budget Code’ button in the Estimating tool. 


Within Procore, you can apply the same cost settings across all projects for consistency. However, as projects can to differ from one project to the next, you can also make changes to budget codes within a project to meet the needs of the specific project.

For some projects you may hire a subcontractor and use the broader, standard cost codes for your company. For other projects, you may self-perform the work and have more granular tracking for the work in your budget.

Estimates created in the project's Estimating tool can be sent directly to your project's budget to streamline your workflow. Budget codes, which are made up of Cost Codes, Cost Types, Sub Jobs, and Custom Segments, can be edited to match your project's budget structure.

You can set budget codes at every level of granularity for your estimate:

  • Individual Items
  • Assemblies
  • Groups

For each level of granularity, you can select to roll everything into a single budget code (the same sub job, cost code, cost type, custom segments) creating a single line item in your budget. Or, you can choose to use assign different budget codes to items, creating more granular line items in your budget. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions for the Estimating tool.
  • Your company must be licensed for Procore's Project Financials tools.
  • Budget codes must match your project's work breakdown structure, including custom segments if you have them. To learn more, see About Work Breakdown Structure,  Add Custom Segments at the Company level, and Add Custom Segments to the Project Budget Code Structure at the Project level. 
  • The warning icon-docs-plugin-newer-model.png icon means that the item does not have a budget code assigned or the assigned budget code does not match the project's work breakdown structure and should be updated before sending the estimate to the budget.
    If you choose not to add or create a budget code for your estimate item from segments that exist in the project level Work Breakdown Structure, your estimate will create project-specific cost codes and add them to your project level Work Breakdown Structure.


  1. Navigate to the project's Estimating tool.
  2. Click the Estimating tab.
  3. Click the estimate you need to assign a budge code to. 
  4. Click Select or the budget code for the item at one of the following levels:
    1. Individual Item to assign a budget code to an individual item.
    2. Assembly to assign a budget code to the assembly.
    3. Group to assign a budget code to all items within the group.
  5. Select an available budget code.
    Click Create Budget Code.
    How you assign budget codes impacts the granularity of budget line items in your budget. See How do budget codes in an estimate create line items in a budget?​​​
    1. Click in the available fields and select the desired segments to create a budget code.
      • Cost Code: Enter the cost code for the cost item.
      • Cost Type: Enter the cost type for the cost item.
      • Sub Job: Select the sub job.
      • Custom Segments: Select the option for the custom segment
      • Manage: Click here to add segments or to edit your to budget code structure. 
    2. Click Save Changes.    
  6. After your budget code has been applied, you can click on any budget code to make changes.
    Click the 'x' within the budget code for options to remove it.