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Do we have to create and send all our project emails with the Emails tool?


No. If your company has made the Emails tool an active tool on your project (see Add and Remove Project Tools), your project's team can also send email messages directly to the Emails tool from their email client. All anyone needs to know is the project's 'Email into Procore' address. This is an inbound email address for the project's Emails tool, which can be added to the To and Cc fields of any email message.

To locate the email address:

  • Navigate to your project's Emails tool. 
  • The inbound email address for the Emails tool appears under 'Email into Procore'.
    Note: Each project's inbound email address has a unique email address.

    • If all emails are configured to be private by default, and you send an inbound email, any recipient in the TO or CC fields in your email client must be an Admin to the Emails tool to view these emails within the Procore Emails tool.
    • If a user with 'Admin' permission on the project's Emails tool has created a 'Default Distribution' list (see Configure Advanced Settings: Emails), members of the default distribution list will receive ALL emails that have either been created in or sent from the Emails tool. Members will also receive all messages sent to the Emails tool via the inbound email address. This includes emails that have been marked 'Private'.

  • Choose from these options:
    • Double-click the address in the box and copy it. You can then paste the address into the To or Cc fields of any new email message. 
    • Click the Email Address link. If your email client is configured properly, the system will open your system's default email client and automatically add the address to the 'To' field of a new email message. 

For instructions, see Send an Email to a Project's Emails Tool.

Note: In addition to the Emails tool, other Procore tools have project-specific inbound email addresses that team members can also use to send messages. For details, on your options, see Where can I find the email address to send photos, documents, and emails to Procore?