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Do Procore's SSO integrations support single or multiple domains?


Both. Procore supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations for single and multiple domains. To learn more about configuring SSO for use with Procore, see How do I set up Single Sign-On with Procore?

Example: Single Domain
All of your Procore end users logging in via SSO will have a login email address from a single domain (e.g.,


Example: Multiple Domains
You are a general contractor whose users on the East coast log in with '' email addresses. Users on the West coast log in with '' email addresses. Users at your headquarters log in with ''.

After you set up and configure your SSO solution, contact Procore support or your company's Procore point of contact to request configuration of the domains you want to target for authentication with SSO. This final configuration step can only be performed by Procore employees.

To submit a request to target domains for authentication with SSO in Procore, you must be your company's Procore Administrator. You can only request to target domains that your company owns, which are managed within your identity provider's Active Directory. You cannot request to target generic domains, such as

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