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Do Procore's SSO integrations support single or multiple domains?


Procore's SP-initiated SSO integration supports both single and multiple domains. If your company has implemented (or is planning to implement one) of the supported Procore-Initiated SSO integrations, your company account can be set to support end users who login with email addresses from multiple domains. To learn more about Procore's SSO solutions, see Procore-Initiated SSO


Single Domain

All of your Procore end users logging in via SSO will have a login email address from a single domain (e.g.,


Mulitple Domains

You are a general contractor who will have end users on the East Cost who will log in to Procore via SSO with email addresses. Your end users on the West Coast will log in with email addresses. Your end users at your Home Office will log in with

After you set up and configure your SSO solution, there is a simple configuration step that MUST be performed by your company's Procore point of contact. To submit a request for multiple domain support in Procore, you must be your company's Procore Administrator

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