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Bidding - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Bidding tool.


Recent Changes

Invite Paying Procore Customers to Bid Using the Procore Construction Network (12/04/2023)

Using the new Bid Management experience, you can now invite paying Procore companies to bid, giving you access to even broader collaborator network. See Add Bidders from the Procore Construction Network to a Bid Form.

Flexible Response types for Bid Forms (10/09/2023)

Instead of being restricted to one accounting method for an entire bid package, you now have the flexibility to choose an accounting method for each line item in the new 'Field Response Type' column on bid forms. See Create a Bid Form

As part of this release, new projects using Bid Management Enhanced Experience no longer have separate accounting method settings for bid packages. See How do I set the accounting method for bids?

General Items and CSV Import Features now available for ERP Integrated Accounts (09/13/2023)

Users in accounts that are ERP integrated can now add general items to bid forms and create bid forms from CSV imports. See Import Bid Forms to the Bidding ToolCreate a Bid Form, and Do I need to use cost codes on a bid form? 

Create Bid Forms from a csv import (08/03/2023)

You can now create multiple bid forms at once by filling out and uploading a CSV file template. See Import Bid Forms to the Bidding Tool. You can choose to download a template with cost codes, or a blank template without cost codes. 

Add General Items to a Bid Form (06/22/2023)

You can now add general items without cost codes by using the new 'Plain Text' option for line items. See Create a Bid Form and Do I need to use cost codes on a bid form? This allows more flexibility for defining and controlling bid scope. 

Bid Management Enhanced Experience (03/27/2023)

Procore has officially released Bid Management Enhanced Experience, a streamlined experience for managing bids in the Bidding tool. See About Bid Management Enhanced Experience. This experience includes features such as bid forms, bid leveling, and an integration with the Procore Construction Network.