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Link Your DocuSign® Account to a Procore Project


To link your DocuSign® account to a Procore project. 


After the DocuSign® integration is enabled on a project, you can then link your DocuSign® account to that project. This gives you the ability to initiate the DocuSign® signature from supported Project Tools. You must be in a project to view the option to link your DocuSign® Account from Procore.

Things to Consider



Choose from these options to link your DocuSign® account to a Procore project:

Link Your DocuSign® Account from My Profile Settings

  1. Navigate to the Procore project that you want to link your DocuSign® account to. 
  2. Click your avatar and choose My Profile Settings

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  4. Next to the Link DocuSign® Account field, click the Login with DocuSign® button. If you do not see this button, complete the Prerequisites above. 

  5. In the DocuSign® 'please log in to your account page:
    • Enter the Email Address for your DocuSign® account. 
    • Click Continue.
    • Enter your DocuSign® account password in the Password box. 
    • Click Log In
      If you are logging into your DocuSign® account from a new device,  DocuSign® will require you to enter a confirmation code. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the process. 

After successfully logging into DocuSign®, your account is linked to Procore. The word 'Synced' appears and you will no longer need to enter your DocuSign® login credentials again when accessing your DocuSign® account from the Procore web application.


Link Your DocuSign® Account from a Project Tool

  1. Follow the appropriate steps to create one of the items that support DocuSign® signatures:
  2. After performing the required data entry on the item, click the Complete with DocuSign® button. 
  3. Log into your DocuSign® account. 
    • After logging into DocuSign® for the first time, the Procore + DocuSign® integration links your DocuSign® account to the Procore project and your accounts are considered to be 'Synced.' 
    • When your accounts are 'Synced', you will NOT need to enter your DocuSign® login credentials again when accessing your DocuSign® account from the Procore web application. 

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