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Unlink Your DocuSign® Account from a Procore Project


To unlink your DocuSign® account from a Procore project. 


If you have used your DocuSign® account to initiate a signature from the Procore web application, your DocuSign® account becomes linked to the project so data can be synchronized between the applications. Should a need to unlink your DocuSign® account from Procore arise, use the steps below. 

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To unlink your DocuSign® account from a Procore project, complete these steps:

Step 1: Unlink Your DocuSign® Account from Procore

  1. Navigate to the project's Home page. 
  2. Click the avatar in the top right corner the Procore web application and click My Profile Settings
  3. Under the Personal tab, scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  4. Next to Link DocuSign® Account, click the RED 'x' next to the word Synced

  5. Click Update
  6. Click OK when the popup message appears to confirm that you want to delete the link between your DocuSign® account and Procore. 

Step 2: Remove Saved Passwords from the DocuSign® Login Page

Be sure to make note of your password before completing the steps below so you won't need to reset your password the next time you log into DocuSign®. After you make note of your password, use the steps below to remove your saved DocuSign® password from your web browser's saved password list. This will ensure that anyone who uses your computer (and possibly others on the Internet) cannot gain access to your DocuSign® data.
  1. Navigate to the DocuSign® Logout page in your web browser: https://account.DocuSign®.com/logout
    • This action will log you out of DocuSign®. 
      • If the email address field is blank on the DocuSign® Login page, you have successfully deleted your linked email address. 
  2. If your email address continues to appear in the DocuSign® Login page, remove your saved password from your web browser's saved password list:
    Note: This protects your data from anyone who uses your computer. 
    • Google Chrome
      • Click your avatar in Chrome and choose Passwords.
      • Under Saved Passwords, look for account.DocuSign®.com
      • Click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) and choose Remove.
    • Mozilla Firefox
      • Click the email address field and choose View Saved Logins from the drop-down menu.
      • For account.DocuSign®.com login, click Delete.
      • Click Delete again when prompted that the action cannot be undone. 
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
      • Choose Tools > Internet Options.
      • Click Content.
      • Under AutoComplete, click Settings.
      • Click Manage Passwords.
      • Click the Web Credentials Manager.
      • Click the drop-down arrow next to account.DocuSign®.com.
      • Click Remove.
    • Safari for Mac OS X
      • Choose Safari > Preferences.
      • Click AutoFill.
      • Next to User Names and Passwords, click Edit.
      • Highlight the account.DocuSign®.com entry in the Website list. 
      • Click Remove.
  3. Once you have cleared the saved account passwords, copy and paste this address into the URL: https://account.DocuSign®.com/logout. Your login information should no longer appear in the DocuSign® Logout page. 

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